Friday, October 26, 2012


This place is for preserving a history of Ayashii World in English. Ayashii World (Strange World) is one of the first anonymous underground BBS community originally formed in 1996 in Japan, have functioned as the hubsite of hacking, cracking, gathering illegal information, and chatting about Anime, Game, and Otaku culture.

Ayashii World influenced Amezou BBS and its successor 2 channel about Anonymous culture and Shift_JIS_Art. Even the link shows a picture of Gikoneko; Gikoneko first appeared at Honten, which is one of Ayashii branch, or even I daresay it should be one of the main stream, of Ayashii World.

I have put these translations originally at a wiki page of in 2011, but the server had been down because of on-going trolling by anonymous user(s), so that I put these texts here too as a backup. Moreover, interestingly the troll(s) have tried to take over the title, Yotsuba Society, somehow.

Due to the fact that I am not good at English, if you find any grammar mistakes or unclear phrases, or whatever sort of things, please let me know via twitter: I think I have already disabled comments on this blog, but even if it is still available, please do not comment on this blog. If you have a comment or want to contact me, give me a mention or Private Message via twitter as well.

Ayashii World IS NOT DEAD (...yet. Although we are nearly extinct species).