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Futaba channel at wikipedia translation

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This page is about to translate Futaba Channel's Wikipedia from Japanese  into English, copied it on 10th Nov, 2011. Original text is here: [ ふたば☆ちゃんねる]

Ishara Yar added some comments as notes.

= Futaba Channel =
Futaba Channel (ふたば☆ちゃんねる, Don't pronounce the star) is a group of BBS on the Internet in Japan. it is one of the most active BBS for Otaku and underground stream, and provides memes, feds, new pictures, or collage pictures and so on. It claims itself "a newborn BBS forever". Its abbreviations of the name are Futaba (ふたば, 双葉).

: Note: this is impossible to translate ふたば and 双葉 because it is Kanji and Hiragana, and the pronunciations are exactly same.

== Outline ==
Futaba Channel is a group of BBS/WebBBS, and classified as "Total BBS" or "Mega BBS" which contains all sort of categories. The form of BBS is a thread flow type except uploaders which shall be mentioned bellow. There are not only general text-based BBS, but also "Picture BBS"(画像 BBS, gazou BBS) which can post pictures, "Uploader" (アップローダー) which can post other format, and "Drawing BBS" (お絵かき板, Oekaki Ita) which can draw pictures by using web browser directly, and some users are animated on especially some categorized Pictures BBS. Furthermore, The picture BBS script which is running on Futaba Channel is modified from a BBS script which already exists. Even the script of Futaba BBS is released on the website, so that recently some other underground and Moe stream BBS use the script too. The Futaba channel's domain holder is Marionette corporation (マリオネットコーポレーション).

: Note: I have no idea which Marionette corporation is even though I can find some  companies on the Internet. Please let me know if you know anything about this.

== Characteristic of Futaba Channel ==


The official name is "Nijigen Ura@Futaba" (二次元裏@ふたば) BBS so called "Nijiura" (二次裏, 虹裏 both same pronunciation). It is one of the BBS which is located in Futaba Channel, and it is the representative board of Futaba Channel both in name and in reality because of animation and actual result. The term of "Futaba" can be often seen as Nijiura board in some contexts in some Otaku subculture community on the Internet. Since the board has founded, it has became representative BBS currently thanks to animated activity, a lot of character, and memes from the board.

: Notes:
: subculture in this term is not as same as English term: mostly underground, science fiction, occult, street fashion culture which was ignored by media in 1980's. Important thing is not related to ethnic minorities' culture, or political statement or something like that.
: Niji means 2 dimensional space, turns mostly manga or anime stuff. Even though landscape pictures are 2D, Niji distinguish from 3D images. 3D polygon game character, like Lala from Tomb Raider? that is judgmental call.

Originally Nijiura was founded in around March 2003 as a shelter purpose BBS of "Nijigen picture BBS@Futaba" (二次元画像掲示板@ふたば), due to a lot of trolling by trolls who did not use the BBS as original purpose; the purpose was to post pictures and illustrations of Niji images. they were forced to migrate there as symptomatic treatment, and it turned out it was the dawn of Nijiura as if DMZ from the trolls.

It used to be only 1 board, but later some were added and united, then currently there are 5 boards containing Nijigen Ura@Futaba(二次元裏@ふたば): img, dat, may, jun, dec (it used to be "cgi" and "mobile Nijigen Ura" existed). Even though some boards do not have a title "Nijigen Ura", sometimes they are categorized as Nijiura too: Nijigen ID (二次元ID), Nijigen Neta(二次元ネタ), Test-jun(てすとjun), dec-Test(decてすと), etc. The name of the servers would refer to month in English that the server founded in the month: may, nov, jun, and dec. The biggest population among the server is may, next is img, and so on.

Even though each servers have same name, Nijigen Ura, there is cultural difference among the servers by established date, system, administration, and  population. Posting images and tendencies are varied, and even some servers have original characters. Moreover, may server has been used for a test purpose of new features, so that some people called it as a test site. The most significant difference between 2ch or 2ch like anonymous BBS and Nijigen Ura is that Futaba's threads will not delete by a period of time. Servers set preserving response by 6000, or 10000 in entire board and delete threads from the oldest automatically. Therefore, it is difficult to summarize the logs and run summarizing log website, and it makes difficult to establish the Internet communities around Futaba, so that there is a factor of creating lively interactive atmosphere among users who are in real-time. This is also a factor of causing exclusive atmosphere. Recently outside users could follow lively feds and significant topics by summarizing logs, pictures, texts at "depositories" which is outside Futaba, but still unique cultures which are difficult to understand for somebody not Futaba users exist.

: Notes :
: About maintaining amount of threads, I think it is 6000 "thread" instead of "response", but I am not familiar with Futaba, so that I just translate it precisely.
: 2ch summarizing weblog sites are very popular among especially people who do not want to read meaningless comments, because summarizing websites pick up some useful posts and make readers to grasp ideas easily even though people know that there is a risk of bias by the editors.
: This term of "the Internet community" is vague, but I think it refers to summarizing websites.

There is no genre to post pictures on Nijiura, so it is just good if pictures are funny or nice. There is a sort of tendencies like capture or scan images of anime, manga, computer games, and collage of characters by users interests. Postings are 24 hours endless, and even some events exist: posting tons of same image or same genre of pictures called "festival" (祭り, matsuri); posting same image or make a thread at the fixed time called "mini event", a.k.a. the fixed time posting (定時貼り, Teiji-hari). Due to a lot of posts, images will delete in a half hour or several hours.

== Users ==

Futaba Channel has a lot of boards not only Nijiura, although if somebody say just "Futaba user" it implies normally specific to Nijiura users. Around the moment of birth of Futaba channel those days, Futaba channel was a shelter purpose of 2 channel when 2 channel faced to a crisis, so that most of Futaba users were as same as 2 channel users. After establishing unique cultures on Futaba channel and through some splits and unifications, main users were mainly Otaku undergraduates and adults who so called "core generation" of establishing Network/BBS culture from mid 80's. Recently young users even high school students or junior high students have come to the BBS. Futaba channel has been a favorite by Various Otaku tendency people as before, it is possible to see unifying general consensus because of: dividing users by a lot of servers; discord by generation gaps or sense of values due to a long term community. it is very rare discussion for unifying, and even users repel that type of discussion if somebody tries.
As mentioning below, most of Futaba users hate people don't know and disturb the atmosphere; therefore, users don't like to noise about memes/feds of Nijura outside Futaba channel. Futaba users expose or "flatter" (祭り上げる, matsuri-ageru) if a post is not "Futaba-like" atmosphere. The users are very exclusive even though the BBS is widely opened, and the users are required standardizing its cultures as if Mura shakai(村社会) -- closed community -- at anonymous field.

: Notes:
: The crisis refers to probably on 25th August 2001, due to overload amount of traffics. Moreover, generally considered the unix board saved the crisis because of a flash movie, said "thank you unix users", but that is not accurate: Unix board users actually modified that sending data by gzip on apache, and CGI board users modified the scripts itself. Even though those modifications succeeded, the total amount of packet decreased really few, and could not solved dramatically unlike the flash said. The reason why 2 channel avoided the crisis was mainly political reasons.
: Network/BBS culture core generation probably pointed out underground users who actively hang out on "Network" from Pasokon Tsushin users in late 80's, means probably former LNB, Licentious Notice Board, users, and other underground users too. LNB was the most enthusiastic posting picture BBS around 1997, and after that former LNB users exiled to other underground BBS, Ayashii  World, Amezo, and including of course 2 channel too.
: Standardizing cultures sounds like Gleichschaltung by Nazi term, but actually based on avoiding meaningless recursive posting/question by beginners. Originally the idea was from Ayashii World that "beginner must ONLY read half year (never post)", and 2ch users copied it. Mura shakai means closed community, and negative meaning in general. See hantoshi-rom[半年rom ]


The administrator of Futaba Channel does not have any handle name or nick name, and even never show his figure formally. He has shown very few interests to users, and he rarely asked opinions to users about administration of Futaba Channel. An administration policy used to be very capricious, funny, and made users confused. When the administrator posts as "administrator", the name was "[管理人]" (administrator, Kanrinin). The administrator does not have a name officially, so that he/she has been called simply "Kanrinin san". The administrator was very rare to show up, and unique because some anonymous BBS administrators discord with users in general by administrative policies and posts. The administrator's words were not gossiped outside Futaba Channel because he rarely show up. Because of this style, a lot of his collage images and illustrations, like a beautiful lady, a good looking girl, a dog, a computer program which means he does not exist, or an organization, etc, have made. The administrator's posts used to treat very rare, so that once the administrator posted, users noised and watching threads posted on some Nijiura boards. Around late '07 to '08, there has been different moves ongoing: introducing affiliate advertisements positively; adding del function; streamlining servers; provider restriction; deleting criticizing comments. Recently Futaba Channel users have thought "the administrator has been changed", "policy has been changed", so that users have often omitted the title, "san", even still the administrator is mysterious. Moreover it has been changed not to watch the administrator's post as used to be.


Matsuri(祭り, festival)

It has 2 meanings: to post a lot of particular characters pictures, collages, or scripts by a lot of users simultaneously; making a thread with quotation which follows some purposes. For example, if the thread is made with quotation "The fad is …", then users upload some pictures refers to the quotation, and then inevitably the thread may be increasing and it turns out "… Matsuri".
On Nijiura, they tend to hate off topic chatter and bragging about one's self, but users try to find topics which could be acknowledged Matsuri phenomenon in the entire board by leading making jokes or chatting with self-deprecating. If there is a kind of agreement goes on, then just allowing tons serial-posts, so that users put some character fads in order to distinguish from trolls.

=Toshiaki and "「」"=

Toshiaki (としあき) means it used to be a default name of Nijiura board. When Nijiura board launched at the first time, a default name was Nanashi san (ななしさん). One day a guy named "Toshiaki" claimed to upload some hentai Doujinshi (同人誌), like "Kaiten sommelier 15 kaiten" (回転ソムリエ 15回転) and trolled persistently: meanwhile, because of anonymous BBS, other users used the name "Toshiaki" as well, and even teased original Toshiaki, therefore tons of Toshiaki increased and got tangled. Following the fed of Toshiaki, the administrator adopt Toshiaki as the default name by a mischievous idea, then Nijiura users are formalized as Toshiaki. Moreover, this fed brought about some names derived from Toshiaki: somebody who post a new thread is called Sureaki (スレあき, "Sure" comes from "thread"); female users are called Joshiaki (女子あき, 女子 joshi means a girl), shortly after the names became common names entirely.
Toshiaki got an identity by given name, Toshiaki users got a sense of belongings and are closely united. Even though the fact activated their powers, they cause a lot of troubles by irresponsible behavior; it made their name famous notoriously on the Internet.
Then, Toshiaki, who originated from Nijiura BBS, turned more savage and disturbed the order in Niiura, even it showed a sign that brutality spread out other communities. In order to suppress it, on 15th July 2004, the administrator changed the default name Toshiaki and the default title Munen (無念, regret). As a result, the era of Toshiaki, sense of belonging had also trolling character, turns users, who knows this fact, look back with both nostalgic and shameful era, which cannot judge nothing either way.
The Nijiura users who lost the name had begun to use "「」" instead of Toshiaki as a default user name on Nijiura. Athough the name had used in 10 months, the name Toshiaki came back on 27th May 2005 on may server. New servers, which run after the date, specifically nov server and jun server, adopt Toshiaki as the default name. Instead of Toshiaki, dat server and img server still use "「」". Moreover, Eroge board (えろげ, Hentai games), Yaoi board (やおい), and Hinanjo (避難所, a shelter) and some others which separated from Nijiura from the beginning, still used Toshiaki as the default name even though other BBS changed the name as "「」".
The default name of Yuri board (ゆり) which deal with girls-love pictures, speaks using a way of Ojousama kotoba (お嬢様言葉) set Yuriaki (ゆりあき), on 5th Feb 2005 suddenly changed the name as Shimonkin (しもんきん) only the day, and some derivation exist.

: Note:
: Ojousama Kotoba means a way of speaking Japanese. Ojousama means literally young lady, but actually means some kind of stereotype high-handed noble girl.

=del Function=

Since 27th Sep 2008, Futaba channel have got a function that reporting about abusing images and requests about delete thread or response. Right above the "Thread, Res", there is a hyper-text link and it says "del", and it redirects to a form of "form of deleting request". Reasons of deleting requests have to choose from a radio form: porn images, loll images, personal information, insulting, threatening, serial posts, harassing, etc. According to the administrator, he said "You can push the del function if you don't like it", so that seemingly these reasons are not important.
Based on reports from the form, administrator or sakujo-nin (削除人, delete man, sub administrator?) judge and delete threads, responses, pictures, or even ban users from the server. If the administrator judges as vicious case, sometimes the administrator put the IP address of which somebody posted the reported thread, res, etc (The address indicate in red, so that it is called red-line). The administrator said that the server logs and the reporter's IP address as well.

A criterion of punishment doesn't proclaim and even it is not opened the process how to judge by a request from the del function. Because of this specification, some users argued that "it is like an anonymous tip" or "it is possible to delete particular thread by block votes". Even if some requests do not match the criterion, these often do not take measures at all. It is rumored that it doesn't work any longer or it would work when a lot of people vote the del function; even there are some trolls who declare "I voted del" persistently if the trolls see pictures or memes which they don't like.
There is no truth because of no explanation from the administrator, but the fact is that often some threads, which got requests from users, deleted at same time. Especially it is a well-known fact that some threads would get easily deleted: political topics not in the politics board; insulting administrators; grotesque images; child porn images; uncensored porn images; tons of sequential posts, etc.

=Thread isolation=

Some boards have a function to isolate a thread which is filled with certain numbers of del votes, and it makes not able to see from the normal catalog. If users want to see isolated threads, then users have to input the URL directly. It means the function prevents the thread got Enjou (炎上, flaming). Some volunteers researched threshold of isolation is less than 1% of users. it used to exist an isolation board, as a special board, that thread moved to the board and users can see them. However there is no isolation board currently, which means, as I mentioned above, users cannot see the isolated threads if users don't know the exact URL.

=Sakujo Administrator=

Sakujonin (削除人, delete-man) is representatives of administration, in order to delete images, threads, responses, etc, have functioned when approximately the del faction implemented. When a response deleted, mail form and text of the response will change as "na-" (なー). According to the administrator, Sakujonin are up to 7 or 8 people, but there is no announcement after that, so nobody knows specific details like how Sakujonin have been chosen, how they delete criterion, details about authority of deletion, etc.

=Mobile Futaba=
This is designed for mobile phone users that reading and posting section. There is only possibility to check an introduction and the main menu for mobile users. Currently there is no delete key function, del function, checking ID and IP out function, and even some boards are not available. it is possible to post from a specialized form or mail, but it is limited that users can post only his name, mail address, and texts; which means users cannot post pictures and use Del Key function. It is possible to post pictures and a title if users use mail, though still users cannot post his name and mail address. Moreover, when users respond by mail, an address should be a board name and a thread number@server; i.e. should be If users want to make a new thread, then users may post board name0000000000@server as mail.

=Important BBS=

=Nijiura board=
See other page.

=Oeaki board=

There are some Oekaki(お絵描き, drawing) boards. There are different users that Nijiura users who the representative of Futaba, and particular cultures have got abroad. Of course, some users hangout some boards, so that exchanging or outflow memes are widely popular. Some users tend to settle their territories. Expect Oekaki sql board(お絵描きsql, Drawing sql), serial posts are repugnant and there is tacit custom that posting once a day, so that some users post several boards.


This Oekaki(お絵描き, Drawing) board should be the main stream because of the name and order, but tons of gomie (ゴミ絵, trash drawing), in this case literally scribbling, are posted by users; then it cause this board remains as a branch. On the other hand, some high-skill-users stay on the board, and it makes this place strange atmosphere. Speak frankly, a mixture of chaff and grain. This board is the slowest log speed, so that mostly pictures keep at least a week if nothing special happens.

=Oekaki sql=
This board is a script test purpose for MySQL thread managing. A rate of Kotehan (コテハン, Kotei-handle, fixed-handle name) is higher than other Oekaki boards. Here is the fastest log speed, means the most active board. The motto is "Kakeba ii, kakeba tanoshii" (カケバイイ、カクノタノシイ, just draw, drawing is fun). It does not matter the quality of posting or fun, the most important thing is just to draw pictures. Serial posting is possible on this board, often same person post some pictures as Rentou matsuri (連投祭り, serial posting festival). There is SQL Iron rules exist, but it is not unconditional rules: Basically bloodthirsty, rarely collusion, smile and shake hands after quarrel; Basically Kotehan, allow any of trolls from other boards, and do not draw the genitals.


Rakugaki (落書き, scribbling) board is the biggest amount of users and res-sen (レス専) in Oekaki BBS on Futaba Channel. However, due to tons of users, quality of users have been worsened, and been kept away from others because most of threads get res like "where is a depository". Because of this, most of users post a thread with his/her depository address in mail column. Even though users put address, still users write a res like "where is a depository." Quite often it happens that several users cause posting pictures in same theme, so called "Matsuri", and normally its speed of posting is fast after Oekaki sql.

:: Note:: I don't know the term "res-sen"; no idea at all.


RakugakiUra (落書き裏, scribbling back/secret), A term Rakugaki's secret reminds users adult image, the board tends to be posted porn pictures. The speed of posting is rather slow and calm. Therefore, serial publication is more than other boards. However, rarely Matsuri happens and increases posts immediately, then a lot of logs flood the board. Often users post with avoiding self-imposed restraint part, called Shiokara version. in May 2008, an administrator restricted some IP address and removed trolling pictures all together. Seemingly some users got involved in a ban, but recently it should be in peace. It is just a rumor but seemingly some users implored people concerned at Futaba Gakuensai (ふたば学園祭, Futaba school festival).

:: Note:: I don't know what they do self-imposed restraint or avoiding it. It would be sensor things because of Japanese law, but I am not sure what it is exactly.

The board used be exist. Originally it was a division of SanjiNeta (三次ネタ, 3dimensions topic) board, and so called "Tele Ita"(テレ板, abbreviation of Television board). The board is one of unclear community on Futaba Channel. Mainly posts were TV captured pictures, or female idols pictures, but almost there were any type of pictures and topics. A lot of trolling are rampant, so some users enjoyed it and some hated. Moreover, one of features was often the server got down. Some users felt apprehensive about existence of board, or even Futaba Channel itself by a lot of porns and infringing copyrights on the board. An administrator hadn't intervened so often and left as it was, and even it propagated unique culture. On 1st Feb 2007 the board was deleted completely.

Mainly users post military pictures on this board. Even the board covers a lot of subjects: not only military pictures, but also rations, police, fire fighters, Japan coast guards, protection against disasters. Even it used to cover politics and international affairs. Users commonly uses TetsudoIta (鉄道板, railway board) and 101 freeway (101 ふりーうぇい) outside the board. Thanks to the board are friendly on TetsudoIta especially, the board cope with trolls in anonymous cooperation. The big difference from other boards is that users post pictures with Boke joke texts, and others Tsukkomi reply with Manzai sense. Valuable pictures of Imperial Japanese Army from albums of service men' families reproduced sometimes.

:: Note: It is very difficult to explain Boke and Tsukkomi, so see the explanation:

=Military Ura=
This has been started on 28th Nov 2008, and it does not show IP address unlike Military board. Unlike after adding showing IP address and del function on Military board, this board users tend to tolerate posting 2 dimensions images or different topics.

This board deals with politics. Because of administration policy, entire Futaba channel boards deal with politics topic only in this board. Therefore, politics topics have to move to this board.

This board deals not only insects, but arthropods, ichthyics, amphibians, reptilians, molluscs, aquatic animals, microbes, other strange creatures. breeding and exterminating topics are animated. Because of dealing with real living things, users often upload pictures. Some users have special knowledge, so that users easily specify names or kinds of living things.

This board is about a promotion of Anime Speed Grapher. There was a background image in the early days of the board. On this board, users should deal with a promotion of speed grapher, or topics about it, but users often posted unrelated topics by force like "XXXXX is speed grapher"; it turned the atmosphere as if Nijura soon after the board started. Users presumably thought the board run only fixed period because it is attended with anime, but somehow it exists after finishing the anime. Currently users post TV captured images and idol images as if past days of TV board.

It used to exist, but closed. At the time, controls on the Internet was not so strict, lolita porn images were flourished on the board by tacit permissions.

=A circumstance of Futaba Channel and problems=

=A Relationship between Futaba Channel and 2channel=
Originally this founded as a shelter of 2channel, the very beginning of forms of the board followed 2channel, and most of users were 2channel users as well. Therefore, it used to be a good relationship, and users posted a lot of 2ch feds, Ascii Arts, memes. However, after the crisis of 2channel, through the process of forming unique culture, an Anti-2channel atmosphere has been increasing because of by influx of Ayashii World (あやしいわーるど) users, Jidou enquete (自動アンケート, automated questionnaire) users, and users who hate 2channel, and by a Netrunner incident. A lot of users call 2ch as disparaging word, Tsubo (壷, a pot), and 2ch users as chankoro (チャンコロ). Especially it is unfavorable to use 2ch memes, feds,etc, on Nijiura board which is the most popular board in Futaba channel. Recently, most of Futaba users have refused people who don't understand Futaba's atmosphere and who come from 2ch, and the autonomy has been mentioned by excluding these people using a del function mostly. People who use ascii arts or using "w" in the end of word are considered as trolls normally. Even some users have an allergy of Niconico douga which reflects 2ch culture strongly, so that often those users dispute against some other on the matter.

Apart from individual users' tastes, there is no links with 2ch community or something closed to. Consequently due to drift from 2ch community, some cases exist that 2ch users and Niconico users claimed/misunderstood/distorted some feds were originated from themselves, though originally those feds come from Futaba channel. Many Futaba users do not propagate Futaba feds outside Futaba channel, so that once a fed originally comes from Futaba channel would be ignored if the fed become popular among other communities. Users tend not to talk the feds once become popular because of avoiding an influx of people come from other community, especially 2ch and Niconico douga. Moreover, even though the domain name is held by Marionette Corporation which also has the domain of 2ch and Gazou channel, there is no links of other domains; it is just coincidence.

=Netrunner problem=

It always happens to mention about Netrunner, a magazine about the internet, when people talk about Futaba. Netrunner placed articles how to use Futaba efficiently, or introducing Characters comes from Nijiura, but the way of introducing is very egoistic: advertising some memes comes from Futaba as if Netrunner's memes; ignoring copyrights; affecting to the administrator of Futaba. Consequently, Futaba and around Futaba users' attitude is basically anti-Netrunner, and even often anti-Netrunner banners can be seen. However, it does not affect to Netrunner. It is difficult to accuse them infringing copyrights because most of works are copyright free or very closed to free, and Futaba itself does not care copyrights.

:: Notes ::
:: The original text does not explain what exactly affected to the admin.
:: Most of Doujin is basically illegal because of infringing using characters without permission. ( Of course some are original characters, but as I said "most of")

=Collage and alter character=

New interpretation of existing character or collage can be very often seen maybe because adopting "picture-focusing" system let users use visual information more than "text-focusing" system.

:: Note : I have no idea the definition of "Picture-focusing" system. The word is not common in Japan at all, though I could kinda guess what the meaning. In Japanese Wikipedia, this type of undefined word can often be found especially this type of "original research" articles because most of editors/writers are simply underage or illiterate.

Nijiura character and original character' are mostly different except molding, so that it would be a middle of Niji-sousaku and original more or less. People who are not familiar with Futaba does not understand the original Futaba culture derived from it, but once people use Futaba then they get used naturally. Moreover, There is original characters in some manga series comes from not only Nijiura: Doraemo, a parody of Doraemon, From Rakugaki board; Mushi atsui kara nugu-(蒸し暑いからぬぐー), Japahora.(じゃぱホラ。), it is from motive of Japanese horror movie character.

=Manner problem=

As 2channel, the BBS, or other huge BBSs , Futaba user' behavior have got worsened gradually by increasing its user population. Trolling threads, which is even hard to have a conversation, are often posted because trolling is conspicuous because of exclusive atmosphere at Futaba; users tried to dismiss these trolls, and which makes vicious spiral. For example: posting pictures which do not fit to the title of picture BBS; positing weird pictures and put the thread above as "age" consistently; harassing unique person; DDoSing by posting same picture by using software; hate speech especially racial or gender matter; anti-exclusive-meme; direct antagonizing by anonymous sockpupetting especially it can be found at no ID BBS. Even some communities became a mere name because of trolling. A countermeasure of trolling by Futaba administrator is not really active unlike other major BBS which means in a good way "tolerant", in a bad way "irresponsibility", although recently the administrator has been more active than used to. Some servers are totally left alone. After introducing del function, even though each boards autonomies are improving, some users got banned due to conflicts among users who arguing an autonomy policy or an administrative policy. Some uses who got banned claimed "Why does the administrator banned us instead of trolls?", but the administrator doesn't answer mostly.

=Influence Oversea=
As in the past, there was no such type of BBS especially Nijiura like, so that it impacted on foreigners who are interested in Japanese Otaku culture. Then, 4 chan (yotsuba-channel), which is smiler to Futaba like picture-posting BBS, has been built. the 4 chan administrator proclaimed it is an unofficial sister BBS; the reason is because using Futaba BBS script, and the BBS is intended for English speakers. Like 4 chan, Krautchan, which is intended for German speakers, exists. At International exchange board (Kokusai Kouryuu Ita, 国際交流板), especially among Russian bloc, North European, East European exchange vividly, they use in English. In addition, II chan, Russian board, Komica, Taiwanese board, exist as well. Accessing from over seas at Futaba channel is partly possible; users can read threads, though it is impossible to write down. Some foreigner get otaku information via Futaba channel.

=A short history of Futaba Channel=

: 30 August, Futaba channel was founded. At the beginning it was functioned as a shelter for 2channel refugees when 2channel faced to close its service, so called 2channel close disturbance. N.B. Currently Futaba channel is not considered as a shelter.

: March, Nijigen (Niji-Omote, 二次表) board was active, though serial-posting TV-captured pictures, Manga, Doujin pictures illegally made segregated to Nijiura board.
: 14 March, trolling which posting grotesque pictures consistently happened, so that it affected to build Grotesque board.
: 16 March, small conflicts by dealing 2D pictures and 3D pictures occurred constantly, so that it separated as 2 BBS; Nijigen board and Sanjigen (3 dimension, 三次元) board.

: January, Heika(陛下), Waha-(わはー), etc, the early days of Nijiura memes had been popular.
: 12 April, Toshiaki became the default name at Nijiura board after a use who named Toshiaki had been trolling.
: June, a magazine called "Netrunner" appended a supplement about "pakkuri-man stickers" without a permission, which is originally discussed an idea and plan at Nijiura; it became a feud over Netrunner later.
: 6 August, the first appearance of Me-Tan (Meたん).

: 18 April, Trouble Windows, a flash movie, has been released, and it has became popular among inside Futaba and outside as well because of its quality and amount of information.
: 21 April, Meido San was born.
: 15 July, Due to change specifications, Toshiaki, the default name, has been disappeared from Nijiura board.

: 3 January, Nijiura divided into 2, as img and dat, and the link from the top page changed to dat.
: 27 May, the new server may has been put, and the link from the top page changed to may.
: Toshiaki has been revived at Nijiura board on the new may server as a default name.
: 9 August, URL of may server has been changed due to high load by a Trojan virus called Kintama(キンタマ, dick), which infects computers run a software Winny, attacking to may server.
: 10 November, due to high load by picture collection softwares at Nijiura on may server, a new server "nov" has been released; may server also exists. Moreover, simultaneously Nijiura Jikkyo Ura(二次実況裏, 2 detentions live Ura) board has been established; At the very beginning, it is called Sanjigen Jikkyo(3 dimensions live) board, but changed to the name a day after.

: June, Nijiura june server has been released, as same as before, even though the new server has been released, other existing servers have been kept as well. In the end of June, the links from the top are 2 of Nijura, and even so-called 5 Nijura boards exist (img, dat, may, nov, jun).
: 8 July, Nijura server was hacked and all of users' host name show in red.
: 6 December, at img board on the img server, has moved to nov server. The img server run only Moji board, so that the img board only remained address and known as img board. Therefore, Nijiura servers were now 4 (dat, may, nov, jun), and so-called Nijiura were 5 (img, dat, may, nov, jun).
: 11 December, Bara board was closed and Yaoi board was not available.

: 1 February, TV board was closed.
: 11 April, preparing test board and lounge board, which were for deleting requests and access deny requests and so on, were lost; although seemingly these are still managed.
: 8 July, most of Moji board was lost; it seems because of decreasing population due to trolling. Anime, Hankaku (半角, half space), and some others still exist yet.

: 27 September, del function has been added.
: Around October, Seiji At Futaba(政治@ふたば, politics at Futaba), Keizai At Futaba(経済@ふたば, economics at Futaba), Kankoku Keizai At Futaba(韓国経済@ふたば, Korean economics at Futaba) have been put. These topics were moved from other existing boards including current topics news.
: 15 October, IP indication was introduced at Gun board(軍板, military board).
: 28 November, Gun board has been closed temporary(re-opened on next day). On same day, Gun Ita At Futaba(軍板@ふたば, military board at Futaba) has been put newly.
: 10 December, Sanjigen Jikkyo board (三次元実況板, 3 dimension live board) has been established. The new server, dec, has been released, and Nijiura At Futaba dec(二次元裏@ふたばdec) has been established as well. According to the administrator's announce, dec server should be stronger for high load than other existing servers.

: Unknown date, at Nijiura may, a function called "delete by del accumulated" started; the function is, if a thread gets a certain number of del requests, there is a line "this thread has been got delete request" shown in a space right below the thread(or right above the main body of texts). Even though from accumulation to delete was conspicuous on the first day, recently it has not indicated how many requests have been accumulated.
: 15 December, at Nijiura may, DPJ(民主党, Democratic Party Japan), politics, and ethnic threads have been deleted and put them in access denied all together. Seemingly this was because these threads have been jumbled up every day. Some users who got dissatisfied by the move from the administrator have rallied and posted radically these type of threads more and more; users have posted "politics thread disguised by anime and game pictures", "how much time does it take to ban to access the thread after posting the name of Ozawa", and so on. However, at this time the politics board is already exist, and even Futaba has never assured free speech, expression, and neutrality. Soon after Futaba stipulated a sentence clearly, "Politics threads should be at the politics board", or "No politics".


: 21 January, test function, a user who post thread so-called Sureaki (スレあき, or Threaki) obtains to delete responses the thread, has been functioned at Nijiura may. This function allows Sureaki to delete responses even if the responses has been set a password directly. There is no clue why the function has been functioned. Therefore, an indication "this response has been deleted by somebody who posts the thread" is conspicuous because of the function, which allows Sureaki to delete responses that the Sureaki does not like.
: 22 January, a function "ID will be shown a users put certain character(s) in mail form" functioned as a test at Nijiura may. If Sureaki put the character and indicate his ID, then all of responses will also indicate its ID. There is no clue why the function has functioned though some think preventing trolling and sock-puppet. As the function above, some oppose and some approve because the Sureaki can delete what he does not like, and will not indicate all of ID for hiding sock-puppets.
: 5 February, somebody revealed a vulnerability that everybody can delete threads and responses by using IE at Nijiura jun; then users immediately used it for trolling and a lot of threads and response were deleted except dat board; especially jun board and Toho(東方) board got serious damages.
6 February, Nijiura may was in an uproar because the catalog function, which shows existing threads, disappeared suddenly. It is because using an administrator side bug; everybody, even who does not post, can delete threads by a certain process. This bug has broken out on nov as well.

: 26 March, Tegaki (手書き, hand written) function functioned at Nijiura may. This function allows users to Tegaki instead of posting form, then right after functioning the function, the catalog of may overflowed by Tegaki pictures.
: 8 April, at Junbi At Futaba (準備@Futaba, preparing At Futaba), a thread which discuss about existing of politics thread since long time was deleted by the administrator. On same day, del function acquired politics, religions, and ethnics. Moreover, delete request itself was an object of delete at Junbi At Futaba.
: 14 April, a number of preserving response has changed from 5000 to 1000; there was no announce from the administrator but seemingly it was due to trolling. An action by users resulted in changing to 3000 on 16th.
: 12 May, a new board, Kansenshou At Futaba(感染症@ふたば, infection at Futaba)added on the menu. Simultaneously foot-and-mouth disease has broken out, which means it is similar topic at politics board, but there was no clue why the administrator put this board independently.
26 May, Seiji Jikkyo At Futaba(政治実況@ふたば, politics live At Futaba) has been changed its name as Sanji Jikkyo At Futaba(三次実況@ふたば, 3 dimension live at Futaba). Many TV program live threads have moved here although before Nijiura at futaba dec had functioned as live board.
: 7 July, a link of an agreement appeared on each Nijiura boards. The terms of agreement were same as a reason of del. This was the first time to indicate the term of agreement clearly; later the link has been changed only from the top page.
: 31 July, Nijigen Guro Ura At Futaba(二次元グロ裏@ふたば, 2 dimension grotesque Urea At Futaba) has been established. Some threads are moved from may and jun and so on.
: 18 August, Nijiura@Futaba nov server has been discontinued. There is no statement from the administrator. Fixed time threads were dispersed each Nijiura boards mainly on dec server.
: 28 August, Kansenshou At Futaba has renamed as Aquarium at Futaba, and Nayami Soudan At Futaba(悩み相談@Futaba, telling a trouble at Futba) has renamed as Zatsudan At Futaba (雑談@ふたば, chatting At Futaba), as renewed boards. The response numbers has not been changed and continued.
: 13 December, new function, showing a history of thread posting, introduced.

: 15 January, based on a suggestion and a discussion among users, Omote board(表板, front board) and Ura board (裏板, back board) unified on Nijigen Jikkyo board(二次元実況板, 2 dimensions live board); Omote board will survive and Ura board was discontinued.
: 15 March, 2011 Higashi Nihon Daishinsai At Futaba(東日本大震災@ふたば, Tohoku Earthquake At Futaba) has established; A number of preserving response was 10000.
: 16 March, Genshiryoku Hatsuden At Futaba(原子力発電@ふたば, Nucluear Power Plant At Futaba) has established by an incident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster; A number of preserving response was 10000.
: 16 June, Isolation Function (隔離機能) has introduced at Nijigen At Futaba on  img server; soon after, stopped and re-introduced, and then the function has shelved in the end.
: 26 August, a number of response of Nijiura At Futaba (img) has increased as 8000.
: 2 September, by requesting from users autonomy, JisakuEUra @ Futaba(自作絵裏@ふたば, self-made picture back At Futaba) always shows users' IP address.

A small history of Ayashii World (2)

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This page is about to translate from Japanese page into English.
Original text is here: [ あやしいわーるどの歴史]

Ishara Yar added some comments as notes.


== A History of Ayashii World ==


: Ayashii World@Programmer started by Mr Zurubon (ずるぼん). Later well-known script called Zurubon UpLoader, or Apuroda (ずるぼんアプロダ) which is based on the Yui chat version was released on 2000.01.18.


: Ayashii World@Anime (@アニメ) started by Mr Seiichi (せぃぃち). Most of topics users discussed on the BBS was similar to Ayashii World II, so that the II administrator, Mr AGStar, found faults with @Anime, then they reconciled frequently.

: Note: There is no way to distinguish "" and "" in English. Japanese keyboard input method can distinguish by "i" and "xi" or "li". So actually I should write his name as Sexixichi, but I just left it because it looks very odd.


: Ayashii World, or so called Mujirushi (無印) or Inujiniayashii (犬死あやしい), started by Mr Great Inujini (グレート犬死). Because of a lot of advertisements, A lot of Shiba fundamentalists gathered to the BBS. However, it was difficult to handle running the BBS script on a free server due to increase its user population. Moreover, most of people were from Honten stream, so that REBIRTH stream users ignored the BBS, then soon after the starting the BBS stalled and decrease in population rapidly. Later the BBS had faded out.


: Ayashii World II deleted the account due to break the term of an agreement by the Arena server administrator Mr Yamashita. Then @Netprp (@ねっとぷろ) changed the name as II unofficial shelter purpose (II退避用非公認), and accommodated II refugees, and other shelters started also. Finally the II refugees moved to II@Maripe! (II@まりぺ!) run by Mr Maripe Moe (まりぺ萌え).


: Ayashii World@Hongkong (@香港) started, and next day also @unix started. the Administrator Mr (´ー`)wara ((´ー`)ワラ) was suspected that he was Mr Machi no Yousei (町の妖精), but nobody knows the truth.


: Ayashii World@Mirai (@みらい) started by Mr Machi no Yousei ( '-') (町の妖精( '-') ). The name of BBS was @Zantei (@暫定) from the beginning, but the name had been decided on the next day 02.23 as @Mirai. It was very comfortable location because of the Arena server, and most of users were otaku people, so that there was no otaku discrimination on the server; therefore, a lot of users moved from II@Maripe!. Soon after Mr AGStar had a sense of impending crisis and opened the BBS,  IIε , again. Right after the opening of the BBS, @Mirai had been attacked by huge trolling for some days.

:: Note: mirai means future.


:  Mr committee of measurimg penis (チンポ測定委員会), a historical charisma character, appeared on @the Christmas Island.

:: Note: What he did was to ask people to measure their penises both a normal size and an erection size. Still we can access to his website: [ チン測]. Interestingly some actually measured their sizes.


: A pardon from Mr Yamashita, an administrator of Arena server, Ayashii World II revived and run the BBS again. Then it had started a fierce battle of getting main BBS among Ayashii World BBS on the Arena servers.


: The customers' list leak incident occurred at @Mirai. The incident reported on some mass medias, so that users thought it would be an advantage to get the title of main because of been highlighted by the medias, but @Mirai got huge trolling from next day. After that frequently @Mirai had got trolled when the BBS was animated as if alienating users.


: Ayashii World II got a domain name, II regained its power instead of Mirai which had got paralyzed by trolling.


: Finally Ayashii World II became de fact standard main, and @Mirai had been lost its population. Meanwhile, trolling had stopped suddenly although the BBS had been attacked everyday. At the time, getting IP Address especially among underground cultures were taboo, so that Mirai could not prevent the trolling and that was the reason why Mirai could not get the title of Main. It was notable fact that Ayashii World users especially Mirai users reached at a consensus after the incident that it was unavoidable to get IP Address and restrict/ban from the server. On 2000.08.05 Mirai run a system to prevent trolling called TPO.

:: Note: TPO, Time Place Occasion, was to check and restrict some words when a user posts in order to prevent both trolling and fruitless conversation. It is mainly 2ch words and about who troll this, or something like that. At the time some users hatred 2ch words and overreacted keenly the words itself.


: Mr Pororo closed Honten. The next day, he started a BBS, Jakobini (ジャコビニ), which was not related to Ayashii or Hoten.


: Mr Mana started shelter Hoten (退避本店). That was peculiar because the founder of REBIERTH stream run a Hoten shelter.


: Ayashii stream@IRC (あやしい系@IRC) renamed as !strange@IRC started by Mr ORJP.


: The Soudan-kun (相談君) incident occurred. Soudan-kun made a call to Mr AGStar about asking a policy that Mr AGStar forcibly sent users to a browser clash page who AGStar does not like. Then Mr AGStar reluctantly put an apology on public announce page, but soon after he retracted it. After the incident, Mr AGStar stiffened his attitude and became the absolute tyrant who nobody could touch.


: Mr Mana closed shelter Honten. The Users did "the last supper".

:: Note: I don't know what the meaning, but presumably tons of chatting.


: Mr Masami Eiri (英利政美) a.k.a. god (神様, kamisama) started Ayashii World@Hoten. Honten stream put the title Ayashii World, so that Honten became one of Ayashii World group again.

:: Note: Because, one hand, Mr Shiba actually said not to use the title Ayashii World, so Hoten stream users had faithfully kept his words. On the other hand, REBIRTH stream hold the title of Ayashii World to show Mr Shiba respect. The way keeping his words was different, but what they wanted to do was same thing.


: @looser (@ルーザー), a pinnacle bizarre serial novel, started On Remix.


: @Artistω (@絵描きω) started by Mr Ecoko (えここ). The script was novelty hybrid style that mixing both BBS and uploarder.

:: Note: the name Ecoko is probably derived from a character, Ice-chan. Somehow the character had been so popular among the internet users especially underground users and got nickname, Ecoko: [ アイスちゃん].


: Ayashii World@Fashion (@ふぁっしょん) on hypermart deleted and moved to Virtualavenue which was free account as shelter purpose, then moved to vis, pay account, in order to run in earnest. The background color changed to #303c6d as Honten color. Also PO Box called DJ Warez (now United BBS) started. In 2000.11. The BBS was reported on a magazine and became popular, so that being NOT underground, and blamed its commercialism due to force banner-clicking. Therefore, the BBS stopped to use the title of Ayashii World, and went a way individually. On 2001.02.07 the BBS moved to Arena server, on 2001.02.16 the BBS got original domain name as, and changed the color #004040. Later the administrator changed from Mr Kumozaru (くもざる) to Mr Natsuiro (なついろ).


: Ayashii Wrold@Extra (@エクストラ) closed. Then Ayashii World@Itan (異端), actual successor, started by Mr Nyun Kozou (にゅん小僧). The administrator Mr Swatty appointed @Extra shelter purpose by Mr Machi no yousei as an official successor, but users did not followed his announcement because of avoiding a power struggle among Ayashii World main BBS.


: The first experience of Ayashii World@Famille (はじめてのあやしいわーるど@ふぁみーる) and @O-Sa-Mu- changed (おーさーむー~改め) moved to so-called Kurumi server.


At, it started to get env as a countermeasure for 2ch users.

:: Note: If a user comes from 2ch by judging referrer environment of browser, then something happen to his computer, mostly redirecting other pages, or browser-crush pages. Ayashii World users hatred 2ch users at the time, so nobody criticized it. Even some 2ch users tricked and mocked other users to send the page. Actually some 2ch novice thought a URL of II was simply a browser-clash page.


: Mr Bou J (J) 's BBS started in Salon web, run by Bou S(S) a.k.a. Mr Utada Raper (宇多田レイパー).


: Ayashii World@Puchiko (@ぷちこ) started under the Christmas Island. Would it be a strategic move for Marimite? The BBS got a cute anime picture design on the whole page, and users who have an allergy for Anime topic as if anti-anime fundamentalists got panicked. Even though they have got panicked, it was used for the role of "call" because the script had indication of participants.

:: Note: the main BBS of the Christmas island did not show a number of people were reloading in 5 minutes, whereas Puchiko did. Therefore, often the Christmas users just reload Puchiko BBS by the "call" in order to count how many users were online.


: Anger among Ayashii World users toward 2ch users vaguely smoldered, then it revealed anti-2ch emotion had come to the surface abruptly after started a topic, 2ch wipe out (2ch 抹殺), on Remix: 2ch users used Ayashii World uploaders without any permissions; made threads about trolling Ayashii World, even The first experience of Ayashii World which is inviolable sanctuary among Ayashii users; copied Ayashii World memes and even declared its original was from 2ch. So that Ayashii users were opposed to some ignorant 2ch users who even had selfish attitude. Then Ayashii users used a Phaser script, a server trolling software based on Perlduke script, and finally the trolling made the 2ch servers stopped. Mr Hiroyuki realized how bad the situation was and later apologized at the topic on Remix, then the trolling gradually settled down. After the incident, there was/is a taboo to talk about 2ch among Ayashii users, and even still most of users have anti-2ch allergy. It exists that the worst users who agitate antagonism between Ayashii and 2ch, who also check both sides.

:: Note: Recently most of Ayashii World users do not care so much about 2ch, even the users talk about 2ch summary website too. But still when users talk about 2ch, then users notice and declare others that "if you don't like 2ch, just ignore it". It's been 12 years since then, but still users actually have to take care of it. Now you can imagine how anti-2ch allergy was so huge.


: Mr Hiroyuki, The 2ch administrator, appeared on Ayashii World II. Betraying most of Ayashii World users' expectation, Mr AGStar kindly welcomed Mr Hiroyuki and even told him how to restrict IP Access; and even emphasized that I, AGStar, had not been related to the incident at all. he was just a coward at the time unlike later he has kept saying anti-2ch discriminational statements frequently.


: Ayashii World@A committee of measurimg penis ((‘‘)ノチンポ測定委員会) became an independent website from Remix.


: Matel's Honten digest (メーテルの本店 Digest), A Kamisama-Honten log reading portal, started Mr Maetel (メーテル).


: Kamisama-Hoten lost its confidence from Honten users because of leaking logs with IP Address for a week.


: Ayashii World@Hoten a.k.a. Momo Hoten (もも本店) started by Mr Momo (もも).


: Popular contents Iria-san started on Ayashii World II. It seems that around this time was in the heyday of Ayashii World II. Amount of logs each day were around 3M Bytes.


: Eroge Sommelier (エロゲソムリエ) started at Remix by Mr Φ. Later he moved to virtualavenue his foothold, then moved and became a part of @Fashion (@ふぁっしょん), and in 2002 it disappeared silently.


: Ayashii World@Hoten a.k.a. ds-Honten started by Mr daylight stars. After the log leaking incident at Kamisama-Hoten, there were 3 "Honten" BBS and got messed. Handle Name users who hang out mainly @Daytime part moved to Momo-Hoten, Handle Name users who hang out mainly @Nighttime part, and most of anonymous users moved to ds-Hoten. Moreover, when Mr ds was appointed a BBS, Shiten@Shelter purpose unofficial Gorilla-man (支店@退避用非公認 ゴリラーマン) anonymously on 2000.04.12, he used a Handle Name, QOO, which had got the name from Honten users.


: Huge access restriction started on Ayashii World II, so that a lot of users could not join the BBS and became refugees. IIω refugee camp started by Mr ω, and it took responsibilities for II refugees.


: The refugee camp developed independently, and changed its name Ayashii World NG. The administrator was Mr Namuru (なむる). Unlike other independent BBS from II, the BBS declared pro of AGStar. Population was not so many, but users had talent for creativity. Therefore, the BBS created an original culture and had a significance of existence. The BBS was not a part of main BBS, but it showed one of ideal position for small BBS.


: Ayashii World@Hoten so-called Kamisama-Honten finally closed. A tradition that 2 parts of BBS of Honten; Daytime part and Nighttime part from Mr Denki Maker had been finished.

:: Note: Which means other 2, Momo-Honten and ds-Honten haven't had 2 parts BBS system.


: Mr Ichiro Kawakami, the first administrator of Der Angriff, retired. His successor Mr infohands succeeded Der Angriff BBS, but right after succeeding he closed 2 BBS: Ayashii World (Manji) attack so-called Curry BBS (あやしいわーるど()攻撃 カレー板) and @Battle Watcher %Solomon (@バトルウォッチャー%ソロモン). Later other BBS closed quietly. Currently the BBS has changed the name as Der Amegriff by Mr Shotamoe (ショタ萌え), and some former Amezou users gathered on the BBS.

:: Note: the name Shotamoe (ショタ萌え) comes from Shota and Moe: [ ショタ].


: Mr Honokama closed @Yunasoft, which had run on the original domain name finally. He said he quit Ayashii World and moved to 2ch as his playground?


: @Mirai's server moved from to


: An administrator Mr Onputan, who runs Ayashii World@Onputan, got criticized in earnest. Mr Onputan claimed to unify both Ayashii and 2ch actively, so that a lot of Ayashii World users repelled his argument due to anti-2ch allergy. Mr Onputan got expelled from Ayashii World, and he mentioned a maxim when he left, "What I want to do is not collusion, but fight.".


: WEIRD, a prototype of Ayashii World@WA! (@!) which is a Mirai stream blog and a link portal, started by Mr Lain Iwakura (岩倉玲音). His blog has gained fame because of his Shota-con theme.


: Ayashii World@Diablo a.k.a. AyaFuro (a.k.a. ぁゃ風呂) started. The BBS pioneered of the Internet games specific BBS.

:: Note: Although some topics exist about the Internet games on Remix, like @CS squad (@CS) and so on.


: Nazo Remix started by Mr Wonder Gyahahaha. Another report said the administrator was different person.


: Ayashii World@Hongkong closed. @unix moved to a shelter purpose and then moved into under the Christmas Island on 2001.05.01. Chief a.k.a. Hoeko (酋長 a.k.a. ほえこ), The administrator of the Christmas Island, had highly motivated around this time?


: Moyashii Explorer (もゃι Explorer), Momo-Honten log reading website, started.


: Ayashii World@Morning Musume (あやしいわーるど@モーニング娘。) started by Mr Nacchi Moe (なっち萌え)?


: At Mirai, there was a huge sensation of posts about "I am sorry, Mom" (ごめんねお母さん) among Mirai users, which was written by Mr Seishi a.k.a. Mr Lubu.

:: Note: The text is about how harsh to his mother, and a lot of replies were sympathy for his mother. Even before he had posted a lot of his school traumatic memories how he was bullied and got sympathy to him.


: Mirai users released More FTPd, a FTP software for free.


: Remix which has run by Mr Mana handed over to the Christmas Island, then the name changed to Remix@the Christmas Island. Mr Mana's thought that making new community for not only Ayashii World users had carried on to Rhizome, a new script, later. (Although it is difficult to say that it succeeded.) On 2003.01.06, Quietly Remix@Network (ひっそりりみくす@ねっとわーく) started for the Christmas Island users.


: Ayashii World@Peke (@ぺけ) started by Mr Nitta (新田). the BBS had never been posted entire a year, and the administrator joked about it on @Meiso, then consequently it made a small fad about Mr Nitta, hahaha. On 2004.04.19, He split up about stock market into a new BBS, Ayashii World@Babylon (@バビロン).


: Mr AGstar start a new BBS, @Poo (@うんこ, Unko), in order to quarantine some users who Mr AGStar did not like. Unlike Mr AGStar's first thought, Poo grew livelier than II, then he closed Poo because perhaps he felt crisis of II. Poo users made shelter purpose BBS independently, AGStar opposed to them and enforce discipline. It might be a clue of declining the power of II?


: The thing that Remix moved to the Christmas Island made II stream users difficult to post freely at Remix under the Christmas Island; because II users can not go other Ayashii World BBS, so that Mr Log Merchant founded Renaissance, a new Remix like BBS for II users.

:: Note: There was no rules to go to other BBS among Hoten stream and REBIRTH stream users, so that some users freely posted among 2 streams BBS or even other underground BBS except 2ch. Unlike these 2 streams, II users have to be loyal to Mr AGStar and must not post to the other BBS.


: Ayashii World@Makkochou (@抹香町) started by Mr Oguri (小栗).


: Ayashii World@news, politics, and economics specified BBS stopped. The administrator was Mr Seto.


: Mr Musashi Araki (荒木武蔵) got a domain name, After that he published subdomain name of it for users: []


: Mirai Remix started on Remix what log reading of Ayashii World @Mirai.


: Ayashii World@SyotaMoe (ショタ萌え) started (now the name is @Yuichiro Tajima (@田島悠一郎)) by Mr ShotaMoe. Later the administrator took a domain name, The users are Amezou stream.


: @Wageo (@わげお), proclaim itself Main BBS, started by Mr Ashokan.


: Mr Log Merchant actually stopped Ayashii World old logs@a Geocities Branch. Therefore, volunteers in each BBS correct and release its logs.


: Ayashii World@Self Torture (@自虐, Jigyaku) started by Rubbish administrator (屑管理人, Kuzu Kanrinin). The BBS has been hacked by Honten users, and got a nasty trick what releasing logs with IP address, but patiently the administrator got a domain name, on 2003.04.07. Both of this and @Rabbish Man(@屑人間, Kuzu Ningen) started on 2003.01.01., two became oasis for a lot of Ayashii World rubbish users who post muttering to himself.  On 2004.02.18, @Unemployed (@無職), reproduction of it, started. Ms. Kinren (金蓮) a.k.a. Ms. Nagoyan (なごやん)'s personal board was belonging to, but later disappeared in 2004.10. and her personal BBS moved to []

:: Note: Probably the domain name,, has been taken by others, and shown an advertisement of a movie/DVD. Also, has been take by others too. still exists.


: @Mojie (@文字絵) started by Mr Maetel.


: The September 11 attack in the US. Hijacked airplane clashed as Suicide attack to WTC.


: Ayashii World@Reproduction deleted, and frequently Reproduction had deleted and moved to another website. In the end Reproduction shelter purpose (@転載退避) also deleted, then Tsuuka kun (通過君) withdrew from running Reproduction.


:Around this time, amounts of logs of ds-Honten had been bigger than II, which means the biggest amount among Ayashii World. The average of logs in each day was over 4MB.


: Mr Shiba started his own mailing list, called @ML. Mr Shiba has come back into Ayashii World. In Ayashii World II its declarations of administration policy said "The BBS defend to the death until Mr Shiba come back". however, users would get banned from the BBS if the users talk about @ML, and even Mr AGStar got panicked and changed the declarations.


: Ayashii World @Itan closed after some shelter purpose BBS had started; it run by an administrator Mr Log Merchant.


: @Ura Mirai (裏みらい), shelter purpose for Mirai, started by a same person as  Ayashii World heritage.


: In order to avoid criticism that Reproduction had been occupied by Honten users, @Hoten Repuroduction started.


: From around the new year, Ayashii World II started strengthened access restriction. Nazo BBS@Kushi-Benkei (なぞ掲示板@串弁慶) run by Mr Wonder Gyahahaha a.k.a. Mr Log Merchant had taken responsibilities for II refugees, so that the server of Kushi-Benkei got overloaded by increasing population and showed errors frequently. On 2002.01.12 Mr Wonder Gyahahaha disappeared and closed the BBS. It would be a reason why he has been missing was that he would quietly protest against being a betrayer and a wire-puller of antagonists of Mr AGSter, even though Mr AGStar sent refugees to Kushi-Benkei himself selfishly.


: Ayashii World@Zantei (@暫定) started. This was the first time that 3 people cooperated to administrate on the ARENA server; all of them have strong characters, Mr Gikoneko, Mr Gesu Nuts, and Mr Utada Raper. II refugees who have a complaint inwardly about repeated unreasonable access restrictions by Mr AGStar moved to Zanten smoothly from the beginning, but soon after Zantei got troubled with trolling using 2ch Ascii Art and so on. The purpose of this BBS was to take responsibilities for refugees, so that it had not taken any action for access restriction, then a lot of violent problem children from all over the Ayashii World gathered to it, and got ridiculed like a disuse garbage correction disposal site of Ayashii World. Later Mr Utada Raper had been in isolation because he claimed railroading into the way of coping the trolling, and got lost his interest to run the BBS, then he disappeared after the last post around middle of June. Then, other 2 of administrators had been also missing, and the BBS got numbed though it has been working.


: Renaissance by Mr Wonder Gyahahaha moved, and later in 2003.10 changed name as Dai-Etsuraku-gou (大悦楽号).


: @Fashion's right of administration moved from Mr Kumozaru to Mr Natsuiro (なついろ), then Mr Kumozaru became a kind of the guardianship and started a new website Yoroin (養老院) using vis account. Mr Kumozaru still remained his power and reigned as a shadow fixer, but after in 2003.08 he suddenly canceled the ARENA server and closed the BBS. After in 2003.09 he has not touched any contact with Fashion, which means Mr Natsuiro run the BBS alone. On 2002.02.20, experience, PO Box, started by Zenkaku kun (全角君).


: Ayashii World @Reproduction Shelter (@転載退避) started on so-called Kurumi server.


: Mirai Library (みらいライブラリ), a website about to write "happening now" on Mirai, started.


: Renpou (連邦), A blog site by Mr Yoshino who became famous by his former news portal site Ura-News (裏ニュース), introduced Ayashii World II recklessly. As expected Mr AGStar sent users from Renpou by judging referrer from it to a browser-clash page, then of course Mr Yoshino got a lot of complaints.

:: Note: Ura-News mainly posted underground news, like software update information. Although there were several same news portals on the Internet at the time, somehow the website became so famous.


: Ayashii World NG closed. (The declaration in front of the page said the BBS will be closed when an amount of log scores under 100kb per day.)


: Ayashii World II have declined its amount of logs around this time (the average of logs have declined 1/3 from the heyday.)


: Nazo @Hiroshima Tarou (なぞ@広島太郎) started. This would be a kind of an ultimate hybrid progression model which overturned a concept of Nazo.

:: Note: The BBS provided several pictures and could post the pictures WITH TEXT ON IT (though Mac users could not see exactly because of stupid Mac browsers). It is a sort of  an automated futaba like BBS. Users do not need to upload images with text by themselves each time, so that everybody could post easily and fast enough. The BBS also allowed some tags by users, so that pictures or characters could move in a browser freely and really fast by mainly IE on Windows at the time. I have still never seen so funny BBS like it since then although it was really chaotic and posted a lot of meaningless shits. This is not exactly like Hiroshima Tarou but its successor Hiroshima Jirou's log is available, so that you could guess what it used to be: [ @広島次郎 howto], [ @広島次郎 Log].


: Ayashii World @Kowloon (あやしいわーるど@九龍) started as a content inside Kowloon Cyberbrain cities - Zero Shiki - (九龍電脳都市 -零式-).


: It revealed that Takara co., ltd registered Gikoneko or Giko-cat as a trademark to the Japan Patent Office, but next day Takara withdrew the registration. Then, Mr Hiroyuki appeared on @ML, and he knew the origin of Gikoneko or Giko cat was not 2ch.

:: Note: Takara originally registered on 2002.03.12, and then 2ch users knew around this date. Even Mr Hiroyuki sent a questionnaire to Takara, and then suddenly Takara withdrew. Some 2ch users claimed Gikoneko should belong to 2ch, so that it made Ayashii World users mad again.


: StrangeWorldBugBrowser, A log summarizing portal of Ayashii World @Mirai, started.


: Smithsonian Museum (すみそにん博物館) was deleted due to post flood of Honten stream fixed handle name users' personal information. The administrator even got tired of run the BBS, and he declared "never comeback". The script has been released openly.


: Mirai antenna, keep watching update information of @Mirai Street in real time, started.


: Logs with IP Address leaked at Ayashii World@Zantei, and Mr Gesu Nuts acknowledged his fault and apologized.


: Mr Mana ambitiously opened Rhizome, making new community for not only Ayashii World users.


: Ayashii World @Nozomi (@のぞみ) started by Mr Amarikawa Sanpei (あまり皮三平). Originally the server was a home radio server. This was actually successor of NG, and NG users moved to it.

:: Notes: The name Amarikawa means "leftover skin", implying foreskin of penis. Most of the logs are available: [ A small place for piling BBS logs of The Strange World at Nozomi].


: Ayashii World@Lubu fell suddenly. As a shelter purpose, it moved under @Mirai and changed the name as @Lubu Jingzhou (@呂布荊州). Others also moved and were working.


: Getyou Log (ゲッチュlog), a place for piling logs at Zantei, started. it was an automatic logging system by scripts.


:, uploader for Zantei stream, started. STRANGE UPLOADER Script, an uploader script with drawing function, was highly regarded by not only inside Ayashii World, but outside too. The administrator was Mr Chinen a.k.a. Urabe (ちねん a.k.a. うらべ), who was also the developer of @Joshiana script.


: A shelter purpose of Itan had not worked so well, so that Ayashii World@Itan started by Mr DokuDenpaYagi (毒電波山羊).

:: Note: The name of Administrator is literally translated Poison Rediowave Goat, but the term Dokudenpa turns as crazy or psycho.


: Ayashii World @Lubu Sili (@呂府 司隷) started on netfirms. There is no clue of administrators.


This place is for preserving a history of Ayashii World in English. Ayashii World (Strange World) is one of the first anonymous underground BBS community originally formed in 1996 in Japan, have functioned as the hubsite of hacking, cracking, gathering illegal information, and chatting about Anime, Game, and Otaku culture.

Ayashii World influenced Amezou BBS and its successor 2 channel about Anonymous culture and Shift_JIS_Art. Even the link shows a picture of Gikoneko; Gikoneko first appeared at Honten, which is one of Ayashii branch, or even I daresay it should be one of the main stream, of Ayashii World.

I have put these translations originally at a wiki page of in 2011, but the server had been down because of on-going trolling by anonymous user(s), so that I put these texts here too as a backup. Moreover, interestingly the troll(s) have tried to take over the title, Yotsuba Society, somehow.

Due to the fact that I am not good at English, if you find any grammar mistakes or unclear phrases, or whatever sort of things, please let me know via twitter: I think I have already disabled comments on this blog, but even if it is still available, please do not comment on this blog. If you have a comment or want to contact me, give me a mention or Private Message via twitter as well.

Ayashii World IS NOT DEAD (...yet. Although we are nearly extinct species).