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A small history of Ayashii World (1)

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This page is about to translate from Japanese page into English. Original text is here: [ あやしいわーるどの歴史]
Ishara Yar added some comments as notes.

== A History of Ayashii World ==


: Mr Shiba opened a website called "Musicaholic", the aim of the website was about to introduce his music interest, which was mainly UK-Rock and Techno.

1995. Summer-Autumn

: Later Mr Shiba opened a home party (ホームパーティ) named Ayashii World (あやしいワールド) on Nifty-Serve which was influenced by an underground game Kasumigaseki (霞ヶ関). However soon he closed the home party. Then he had not done anything online for a while. Meanwhile, the Internet had been grown up, and Mr Shiba found a possibility that lolita pictures would become popular in Japanese underground scene. At the time lolita pictures were already restricted some countries but not in Japan.

:: Notes:
:: "Nifty-Serve" is one of the online service (パソコン通信, Pasokon Tsushin) provider. The Nifty-Serve had provided Pasokon Tsushin since 1987 to 2006 officially. The service was not exactly same as the Internet because the provider used their own servers, and its users accessed to the servers via phone-line. Around 1995, Nifty-Serve was the biggest provider at the time and had a million of users. See also: [ ]
:: A home party is a BBS system provided by Nifty-Serve. It shows only ID, title, name, and post which can be shown 20 lines maximum. It is very primitive, isn't it?
:: "Kasumigaseki" is a game based on the Sarin gas attack incident on the Tokyo subway. The game was released in underground and being popular among underground BBS community. After the fad of the game, some media reported the game on air, so that it became actually a well-known game in the end. [ 地下鉄サリン事件]

1995. 08.15

: Mr Kowloon Kurosawa (クーロン黒沢) has held a Grass-Root BBS (草の根BBS, Kusanone BBS) , called Tokyo Isoternet (東京イソターネット). He also held [ Kokuchi Kun] (告知君) which contains [ Kaibunsho Hozonkan] (怪文書保存). It influenced to log preservation websites widely.

:: Notes:
:: "Kusanone BBS" unlike Pasokon-Tsushin, it is a free BBS system. The Nifty-Serve or other providers charged to users a monthly fee to connect the server. Whereas Kusanone BBS was free, which means users paid only phone bill.
:: "log preservation websites" can be recently found a lot of 2ch log websites. [ 2ちゃんねる系ブログ]
:: Surprisingly Mr Kowloon Kurosawa has still held the website on the Internet since 1997 though Original Grass-Root BBS was formed in 1995.


: Mr Aisuta (あいすた) had held a home party called New Wind (新しい風, Atarashii Kaze), and changed the name as Ayashii World (あやしいわーるど) on June, but he often deleted posts if it would not fit to the BBS guidelines, or it would contain an illegal information. Eventually soon after Mr Aisuta closed the home party and he declared that he would not touch the name or anything. Mr Shiba would inherit the name from him, but nobody knows the truth. (Actually according to the timeline, Mr Shiba already used the name in 1995, but I have no idea which is earlier)


: Duke Pedo (ペド侯爵 Pedo Koushaku) held a home party called Japan lolita complex graphics (日本ロリコングラフィックス), and it influenced strongly to Mr Shiba.

::Note: I guess the name, Japan lolita complex graphics, was inspired by [ SGI Japan], at the time the name was "Japan Silicon Graphics" (日本シリコングラフィックス) because "Lolita Complex" often abbreviates "Loli-Com" (ロリコン) in Japanese.


: Web urawaza rescue(Web 裏技レスキュー) spread out a script called MiniBBS.


: Mr Kawakami Ichiro (河上イチロー) opened a website Der Angriff. It functioned as a counter-part of typical mass media.


: Mr Vladmir opened a website InfoVlad in Japanese; before opened the website it was only English contents. (1997.8.17, He started a web-ring "HACK JAPONAISE RING" on the website.)


: Mr Shiba got an idea from Duke Pedo that he used a free rental web service, and Mr Shiba also used a free service on the Internet: such as mail transfer by Postone, web space by Tripod, BBS service by Digital Eden anonymously. This was the first time to use BBS on the Internet, which means it was the first step of Ayashii World as an anonymous BBS. However, Digital Eden was not good at security, so that a lot of BBS trolls (掲示板荒らし, Keijiban Arashi) posted meaningless sentences. Most of topics were lolita, pedophilia pictures, and "sub-culture" discussion as Mr Shiba was aiming at.

:: Note: Pasokon-Tsushin required user's ID, so that administrator could identify who posted easily. The Internet, however, was rather easier to be anonymous than Pasokon-Tsushin at the time.


: Mr Takuya Asada (あさだたくや) rebelled against a news group called fj* (from Japan); the administrators of fj* were considered as conservative and stubborn from his point of view, and he declared to make another news group which is totally different and free. Actually a lot of people joined the news group from underground communities, including Ayashii World users too. Mr Tanai (棚井), one of Ayashii World users, had spread out using mp3 among Japanese users. He was a founder of "japan.fetish.lolita", and then he recreated "j.b.p,l", "j.f.l", "j.b.p.e", "j.b.p.l", and then "j.b.p,e.l" until now. He conflicted with other founders about regulation of porn, and later he left the group, but he was the founder of a fed of pedophilia pictures at japan.*.


: A legendary crazy character, [ Tetu san of DD] (DDの哲) has appeared on a website Ueno Haruki's homepage (うえのはるきのほめぱげ).

:: Note: The original text says denpa-character(電波キャラ) describing him as a crazy character, which means literally a radio wave character, but turned to be crazy character. See: [ Denpa]


: The first underground web portal called A door to an underground (地下道入口, Chikadou Iriguchi) closed, which had run Since 1995.5. The impact was so huge and a lot of refugees came into Ayashii World community. Then many topics had changed to about hacking and cracking. Later other similar website, A door to a sewer (下水道入口, Gesuido Iriguchi) had started inspired by the website, A door to an underground.


: The BBS service Digital Eden declared to close its free service, and Ayashii world BBS moved to Kenjinkai (県人会), which was run by Mr Tome (とめ). The script was based on so-called 1 line sentence BBS (一行掲示板), and other underground BBS were also using it, including Guess BBS (ゲスッ掲示板) which was born in 1997.02. The BBS's access counter showed over 400000 in the last moment.

:: Note: Still you can see what the Guess BBS like at Kenjinkai was: [ ゲスメモリアル]. Probably the Ayashii World BBS at Kenjinkai was also very similar. (I realized this page redirects to somewhere if you connect over the sea, which means you can check the correct figure only in Japan)


: Mr Shiba decided to split into 2 BBS: one was called 97 for general topics, and the other one was called 2000 for technical purpose (mainly hacking and cracking). Some regulars, who would become members of Guess later, had discussed about cracking to other BBS openly, so that a lot of complaints toward Kenjinkai stuff, so that Ayashii World BBS had to close for a while. In a sense, Ayashii World 2000 was the father of BBS cracking group so-called Guess substantially, Mr Shiba was always against BBS cracking.

:: Note: Often you can see "Guess" above, but actually this is the moment of birth of Guess in a sense. Later Guess and Ayashii World had fought against in a long time, but it actually is the same root.


: A legendary hacker Mr KKC mentioned a maxim at his own BBS, Hakerz BBS: "I wrote this to you in too-simple-English, "you is a big fool man. Hahahaha."".

:: Note: A term hacker in this meaning is actually a cracker. At the time, Japanese underground users mixed both two terms although still a lot of people who are not familiar with computer technology misunderstand or mix both as well.


: Idol Topic World (アイドルネタわーるど) opened, abbreviated name was Ai-Neta (あいねた).


: Some members who agitated cracking/trolling to other BBS moved from Ayashii World 2000 to Guess BBS, which was actually the birth of Guess; a cracking group mainly focused on BBS. Once they accepted requests of trolling BBS, then cracked/trolled the target by using a means: i.e. putting a music of [ Aum Shinrikyo] to [ the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries]; attacking Soka Gakkai International, [ 創価学会]; attacking Fuji Tlevision, [ Fuji Television]. According to Mr Alice, one of Guess members, they cracked over 900 BBS until 1998.05. Later they had been against Ayashii World community.

:: Note: Guess BBS was not only discussing/doing trolling, but oddly accepted requests from normal users; reasons to troll were mostly personal enmity, or actually could be any reasons.


: Ayashii World@jcat started.


: Kenjinkai stopped the service. Some argued Ayashii World cause the problem, but Mr Shiba rebutted.


: Ayashii World@K&T started. The BBS was able to write some sentences unlike previous 1 line BBS.


: Ayashii World@jcat closed.


: 17 years old, existence of Mizuka - a mirror of mind - (17 みずかの存在 ~心の鏡~), a diary website, opened. It was a milestone of Net-Idol culture. [ Net Idol]

:: Note: The author had written a blog until 2007 presumably: [ 17のセレンディップ ~ふとした偶然をきっかけに、幸せをつかむこと~]. In this article, she said she was 17 years old at the time and was a normal girl, unlike other Net-Idol. Later she even wrote an article about this experience on a book, Computer Evil manual 3 ([コンピュータ悪のマニュアル〈3], コンピュータ悪のマニュアル3). It was mentioned by a book which is about the Internet culture and history of general Japanese underground scene, A hisory of the Internet scene in Japan which is not being written on a textbook ([教科書には載らないニッポンのインターネットの歴史教科書-ばるぼら/dp/4798106577 ], 教科書には載らないニッポンのインターネットの歴史教科書). Moreover, Ayashii World users were involved attacking her website probably, and the book, Computer Evil manual 3, was written by some Ayashii users as well.


: MrK Wrath homepage (MrK 怒りのホームページ), which was the mother temple for agitating and abusing, opened.


: Sakakibara incident (酒鬼薔薇事件).

:: Note: []


: His real name of the Sakakibara incident was written on Ayashii World 2000(K&T) even though his name and new residence were highly-guarded secret. Due to an impact of writing his real name, the BBS got out of control and had stopped.


: Mr Mana opened a website, Hando (反動), about a sensation of the Sakakibara incident.


: Ayashii World@hihihi (@ひひひ), which was run by anonymous, closed its website due to Sakakibara incident too. The website was also posted the real name of Sakakibara incident.

:: Note: hihihi (ひひひ) is an expression of laughing similar to hehehe.

: A website of Japanese famous underground group, [ UGTOP] has been run by Ishikawa Hideharu, a founder of the group, later he became CEO of [ Artemis]. One of the representative member is Mr R00tZer0 who had run Defcon Zero, an Ayashii World user. And some Ayashii World users also were members of the group, so that many people would have thought Ayashii World community was a den of hackers.

:: Note: Although the UGTOP website says it has been run since 1996. [石川英治 石川英治]


: Uganiku's homage (ウガニクのホームページ, Uganiku no homepage) opened. It was popular because of a diary, masturbation diary (オナニー日記, Onanism Nikki).


: A PO Box, Distorted Destiny (歪んだ運命, Yuganda Unmei), started based on a website golden world golden experience (黄金世界黄金体験, Ougon Sekai Ougon Taiken).

:: Note: A PO Box is a BBS which is able to create threads by users freely. According to a chart of the Internet scene, [ インターネットの歴史年表], the script was based on Yui board.


: Mr Amezo started an underground BBS portal. It made generalizing underground scene for normal users.

:: Note: His website from the beginning was only BBS portal, without a thread floating BBS.


: A BBS service company, Teacup, started based on minibbs [Teacup].


: An imageboard, Licentious Notice Board, so-called LNB, started. A lot of LNB users were amazingly good at collage images like Futaba Channel in recent days, and tons of funny posts were on the BBS. LNB users had built a fad of imageboard culture, but soon after the originator of LNB, Mr Fujinami, closed the BBS, they dismissed due to a split in some small parties. After the shock of closing the original LNB, some BBS had became rather famous than others: For example, famous people talk (有名人トーク, Yumeijin Talk); Rutika's room (ルティカの小部屋, Rutika No Heya); even some fled to Ayashii World community, like Mr TAK.

:: Note: I personally think LNB was the genuine original founder of imageboard culture in Japan. according to the book, A hisory of the Internet scene in Japan which is not being written on a textbook ([教科書には載らないニッポンのインターネットの歴史教科書-ばるぼら/dp/4798106577 ], 教科書には載らないニッポンのインターネットの歴史教科書). The book says "since 1998,  instead of posting a URL link of images on a BBS, a number of using imageboard.cgi and uploading images on the server has increased (do you understand the difference?), so that I have rarely found that type of BBS. You just need to understand that tons of porn images BBS on the Internet in the present can be traced back to its origin, LNB users' enthusiasm. ". "ただ98年半ばからは、URLを書いてよその画像を表示させるのではなく、「imgboard.cgi」をなどを使って、実際に画像ファイルをサーバに上にアップするタイプ(違いが判るだろうか?)の掲示板が増えはじめたため、貼付け掲示板はあまり見かけなくなった。現在無数に存在するエロ画像掲示板も、その源流をたどれば「LNB」の熱狂の渦中にたどり着くということだけ、とりあえず理解していればいい。"


: An influential BBS, Cretan's BBS 2 (クレタ人の掲示板 2) was stated by an administrator, Mr CR3T4N.


: Ayashii World@Free Rental (@無料レンタル) was deleted due to take responsibilities for a server-down for 2 days which was caused by trolls, who posted a lot of attacking tags.

:: Note: I am not sure what the attacking tags were. at the time I think there were 2 possibilities: some kind of DDoSing to the server or using html tags for clients. At the time, mainly 2 browsers were common: such as IE 3 and Netscape Navigator 3. Both 2 browsers had a lot of vulnerabilities, so that often Windows 95/98 showed us a blue screen by stupid tags.


: Ayashii World@Xtel started. Even though the server was located in South Korea, the server could use CGI. It, therefore, was a big impact for Ayashii World administrators putting thier favorite CGI by themselves. The prototype of Ayashii World has been formed in this moment. The script was based on the miniBBS, and Mr Shiba customized it. The background color was #007f7f. (Actually before this time, scripts and background colors are varied: @Eden and @Free Rental was #ffffff: @K&T #333333, etc.)

:: Notes:
:: Perl CGI was common at the time.
:: Of course there was rather slow connection from Japan to over seas.
:: Background color, #004040, is so important for some Ayashii World users (and perhaps some Namikare users).


: An underground website portal, Cult Bookmark, started.


: Yui Chat spread out a PO Box script Yui Post, which is a prototype of PO Box.

:: Note:
:: Yui Post is very similar to Yui Board, so I don't know why the original text says this IS the prototype. However, I can not trace back update logs of the scripts, so it would be different from the Yui Board of Distorted Destiny. The original website still exists, and you can see what the scripts like, [ Yui Board and Yui Post].


: An old football discussion BBS, Football Cafe (サッカーカフェ) started on IBJCafe [ IBJCafe].


: Ayashii World@soldigit started. The background color was #507f90.


: Ayashii World@soldigit deleted.


: Nazo BBS(なぞ掲示板) started as an isolation BBS for some Ayashii World users who made a lot of troubles.

:: Note: A common term "YOU go to Nazo (^Д^) " (お前なぞ行き(^Д^)) comes from this BBS.


: Ayashii World@Sakura (@さくら) started.


: Mr Tanai made a prototype for mainly Anime and Voice Actors, called "No Anime No Life".

1997. Late

: Mr Shiba run a website, musicaholic, on the Internet for introducing his favorite music.


: 1 line BBS palace, Namida Kareru made Naku Hou ga Ii kamo (涙枯れるまで泣くほうがいいかも) so-called Namikare (なみかれ), started. At the time, there was no conflict among Ayashii World, LNB, Amezo, and Namikare users. Even some users hanged out several communities, unlike nowadays.

:: Note: Recently the situation has been back to this era, especially after some people have been using SNS anonymously.


: A high school student, HighwayBLOOD, 16 years old, was arrested on a charge: hacked providers' servers and got customer's private information, then blackmailed to the administrators. This incident is so-called [ the Ponpon-Net incident] (ポンポンネット事件). He announced the fact he hacked the provider on Ayashii World BBS and discussed progress on [ Mr Alice's website].


: Ayashii World@Tohoku Branch (東北支社) started. It was not only a BBS, but a link portal and an information about sightseeing in Tohoku region. the website had existed until 1999, Autumn. The Administrator was Mr THNATOS who also run, Gyakusyuu no Lena (逆襲のレナ).


: Anonymous S (S) a.k.a. Utada Raper(宇多田レイパー) started a text website, Salon web.


: Ayashii World@Pro Hosting(プロホス) started. Mr Shiba posted a great comment, "I leaked a poo in my pants, hahaha".


: Ayashii World@yclub started.


: Mr Alice appeared and commented about the Ponpon-Net Incident on NHK TV program.


: Mr Alice, the central figure of Guess group, uploaded a perl script for automatic trolling, called PerlDuke, on his website, and he used the script to Ayashii World BBS. Later he apologized to Mr Shiba, but Ayashii World users had still got angry toward him, then they created his wigwagged-Neck image from NHK's TV program, and exposed his private information, his real name, address, etc, on Ayashii World BBS. After 1998.05. Even though Mr Shiba tried to restrain agitations to Mr Alice, Ayashii World users and other trolls still agitated him. Actually one of the agitating users included Mr Shiba too, so that Mr Alice got angry. Another anonymous source says even Mr Alice would sue Mr Shiba. No body knows the truth, but Ayashii World BBS evidently closed by this conflict.

:: Notes: A civil action in Japan consumes a lot of time and money, so that it is not so common (especially at the time, now the situation has slightly changed), and people afraid of being sued even if would be bluffing out.


: One of the representative PO Box, Black box, closed. Later it revived, but a fed of using PO Box had been declining already.


: Ayashii World@Xtel was deleted.


: Ayashii World@yclub was deleted.


: Ayashii World@Sakura Hyper (@さくらハイパー) started. This was the main stream.


: In order to take measures to a spammer, named Aniki (アニキ), who posted an advertisement of gay website, the administrator put a warning, "If you put name as Aniki, your browser would crush.", right below the post column of the BBS.

1998. 3.20

: Ayashii World@Sakura Hyper (@さくらハイパー) was deleted.

1998. 3.21

: Ayashii World@Shibuya-kei (@渋谷系) started. The background color was #007f7f. It became de facto standard.

1998. 3.21

: Ayashii World FAQ BBS (あやしいわーるどFAQ掲示板) started. It would be an origin of Remix BBS. The Administrator was Mr Namaire Miyakawa (宮川生入).


: An image uploader, Oniku (おにく), started. Its users frequently uploaded the Alice's wigwagged-Neck image, Imperial House of Japan collages, Pedophilia images, and so on. Due to uploading these uncensored highly dangerous images, the website had to get deleted and moved to other services more than 20 times. In 1998.09.04., the website moved to garden.millto, and renamed as Oniku garden, then access counter turned over 8000 times per day in its heyday. The administrator was an exhibition committee (絵画展示場委員会, Kaiga Tenjijou Iinkai).


: A list of customers who asked to Toyota Motor Corp was leaked, and being posted the information on Ayashii World@Shibuya-kei.


: Ayashii,ltd. (ぁゃιぃスケープ) started as a summarizing BBS logs website. This is the original of brief summarizing of BBS Logs website.

:: Note: Some parts of Ayashii Scape still exist: [ '98 logs of Ayashii Scape].


: Mr Cobra posted the origin of laughing expression, Gikohahaha (ギコハハハ): [ Origin of Gikohahaha].

:: Note: Gikohahaha was popular among underground users because sounds very funny. Moreover, later the name of Giko Neko, or Giko Cat, took its name from his laughing: [ Shift_JIS art].


: Ayashii World BBS got implemented 2 major functions: reply and search of a name of contributor.


: A relay fiction novel, Abura Diary (油日記), started by mainly Mr WhiteSilver(etc)(色白銀縁眼鏡包茎童貞異臭肥満児). This text was the origin of a text, My Diary (僕の日記) on Despair World (絶望の世界).

:: Note: His name is too difficult to read/pronounce, though the name contains the word like smelly-fatty-glassed-phimosis-virgin, or something like that. His style influenced to a self-torture text scene.


: Ayashii World@Shibuya-kei (@渋谷系) was deleted.


: Ayashii World@toheart started.


: Ayashii World@Ikebukuro (@池袋) started. This became de facto standard BBS.


: Ayashii World@Sakura (@さくら) was deleted.


: Ayashii World@an unofficial shelter purpose (@退避用非公認, taihi you hikounin) was started by an administrator, Mr sunaf. This era had frequently moved free web service due to lack of main BBS.


: Ayashii World@virgin boy in the vacant of Aikora Dojo (童貞ボーイ in アイコラ道場跡地, doutei boy in aikora doujou ato chi), later it became the remnants (残党, zantou) started.

:: Note: A term Aikora is abbreviation of Idol collage. It is about putting an idol's face on mostly naked porn body, and making porn collage images. In Japan, the police has strengthened the regulations for making this type of collage since 2005 or 2006.


: Dangerous BBS (アブナイ掲示板, Abunai Keijiban) moved to [ Hypermart] (Author could not confirm the opening date). The administrator was Mr Sasakawa a.k.a. Dasee (笹川 a.k.a. だせえ).


: An account name of Ayashii World@Pro Hosting (@プロホス) changed (freextel to _strange). A minor change was to preserve BBS logs automatically, so that users easily could follow the topics what other users discussed.


: A representative Ayashii World portal, Ayashii Scape (ぁゃιぃスケープ), started.

:: Note: At the time, Netscape provided not only a browser but a portal site too. the name was Netscape Netcenter. You can see the image here: [ Search engine survivors]. Some people just copied the layout and made parodies. Namikare Scape also derived from Netscape Netcenter.


: At Webdesign, Ayashii World Main BBS (あやしいわーるどメイン掲示板) started. It was the first moment of being background color as #004040. At the time, a lot of users hatred the "black board" color though. Mainly discussed news, which could be anything, and it turned out to be evaluated as "You can see what is happening in the world if you check Ayashii World out" (although it would be often fake, haha). Furthermore, its population had increased: thanks to stable server, and being introduced by some computer magazines. Then the logs were over 1MB per day in these days, which means the function of BBS has changed from "posting" to "chatting". A lot of newbies, normal users, punks, trolls, had flowed in Ayashii World community.


: Mr Oshiete kun R (教えて君R) exposed a confidential document called "A list of NEC Personal Computer's bugs" (NECパソコンのバグ一覧).


: Namitteba, Kareshi Bosyuchu nano (奈美ってば、彼氏募集中なの), so-called Namiteba (なみてば) started. Later, Mr Osamu managed the webisite.


: Ayashii World Cup Soccer started. The founder was not Mr Shiba, He inherited it on 1998.07.11. Later, Mr Arikui (アリクイ) inherited and changed the name as @Nishigaoka (@西ヶ丘).


: Mr Small Bear Misha (ミーシャ, Koguma no Misha) started a summarizing BBS logs website, Ayashii Explorer (ぁゃιExplorer).

:: Note: Perhaps this name was derived from Ayashii Scape.


: Ayashii World News (あやしいわーるどニュース) started. Later, it changed as @News, Politics, and Economics (@時事政経), which was run by Mr Seto.


: A website, Iki 0 (0), started by Mr mett. The website was well-known by an active member, Mr Dunga a.k.a. Kusare Chubo (怒ゥン我a.k.a. 腐れ厨房).

:: Note: I presume his name pronounces as Dunga, although I am not sure.


: Ayashii World@Pro Hosting (@プロホス) was deleted.


: The first experience of Ayashii World (はじめてのあやしいわーるど, Hajimete no Ayashii World) started. Later the name had changed as [ @Famille] (@ふぁみーる) by Mr Kuzuha.


: Ayashii World@Ariake (@有明) started by Mr Tansha Yoshida (吉田単車). This was the first BBS specific to Doujin: [ Doujin]


: Due to attack by trolls for a long time and DDoSing to the server, Mr Shiba made a BBS, Ayashii World@provisional main (暫定メイン, zantei main).


: After the World Cup in France, Ayashii World Cup Soccer changed the name as Ayashii World Sports.


: Mr Arikui (アリクイ) started another BBS called Ayashii Soccer@reminants (ぁゃιぃさっかー@残党). He used tcup rental BBS at first. Later he changed the name as Ayashii Soccer@Nishigaoka (ぁゃιぃさっかー@西ヶ丘), and had kept moving the location based on Hypermart frequently. He also run a BBS @Pink Salon (@ぴんさろ, Pinsaro) for the sex industry.


: Mr NATUBON & DrLog declared a declaration to annihilate Ayashii World. But, Mr Shiba ignored it.


: Mr gs held a logging of fixed Handle-Name (湖畔の宿, Kohan no Yado). Later, a lot of anonymous (空白, kuhaku) users argued Kohan with jealousy, and claimed that Kohan users had done collusion.

:: Notes:
:: Kohan (湖畔) means lakeside, but Japanese often changes Kanji character using same pronunciation. Kohan is also an abbreviation of Kotei-Handle, means Fixed Handle; unlike anonymous users, they used fixed handle in order to distinguish its character. Therefore, The name Kohan no Yado is actually double meaning.
:: Kuhaku (空白) is default anonymous name. It is like Nanashi in 2ch.


:Mr ORJP mentioned a maxim "Why don't you go to Yahoo or goo before asking/posting? Isn't that rude?". Increasing newbies, especially Oshiete kun (教えて君) on the BBS, so that he aroused controversy.

:: Note: Oshiete kun means somebody who always asking without any researches.


: Mr Shiba suddenly declared to close the BBS. He stated on the public page that he implied the reason was mainly about antagonism: "I just wanted to hang out with you guys, but I have felt nonsense because of a disturbance among underground users". Although he still put portal link page, so that some thought he would be back to public soon.


: After the shock of closing the BBS, @an unofficial shelter purpose (@退避用非公認) became main BBS suddenly.


: Ayashii World News of a branch office (あやしいわーるどニュース出張所, Ayashii World news shucchoujo) by Mr Seto started as a shelter (退避, taihi) from the beginning. Later, the name had changed the name as @news, politics, and economics specified BBS (@時事政治経済専門掲示板, jiji seiji keizai senmon keijiban). On 1998.10.12 he started to spread newsletters out from BBS logs.


: Mizuiro Hypermart (水色Hypermart) started. The website was an origin of Team MIZUIRO. Until closing the website on 1999.05.27, the website had been managed in oder to develop the BBS script. The Team MIZUIRO itself was formed on 1999.6.4.


: Amezo BBS had changed from Piling-Up BBS to Thread BBS (prototype of 2ch). After Shiba's leaving, Ayashii World users fled and spread out to other communities. some arrived to @an unofficial shelter purpose (@退避用非公認, taihi you hikounin) as remaining Ayashii World users, some arrived to Amezo, which was the hot stock at the time. (Omaemona, Gikohahaha, Ascii-Art culture also spread out to others, and 2ch users inherited it).


: Ayashii World@Osamu(@) (now the name is kyokou no haru BBS@meiso 虚構の春掲示板@メイソ) started by Osamu. Namiteba (なみてば) also started at almost same time. At the moment of Mr Shiba's leaving, the website changed its name as Ayashii World@Meiso (@メイソ) and had an ambition to be a successor of main BBS, but the administrator hadn't done anything a means for trolling, then the account was deleted. In 1998.12.09 the administrator unwillingly removed the name as Fictitious Spring (虚構の春, Kyoko no Haru). The website has run on the same server since 1999.01.25. This website is the oldest BBS for general purpose which has run until now. Osamu made a parody web-ring, Osamu Japanese Ring, of Hack Japonaise Ring by Mr Vlad. Moreover, a mailing list, Namiteba Tushin (なみてば通信), started on 2003.10.07.

:: Note: in Japanese, N () and So () look very similar, so that the name meiso apparently intended to be a substitutional position of former main BBS.


: Mr Mangabozu started a summarizing BBS logs of @an unofficial shelter purpose (@退避用非公認), Ayashii News Paper(あやしい新聞).


: An Ayashii World portal, LONG WALK, started. It covered nearly completed of Ayashii World link.


: The Yunasoft incident. The developer of Yunasoft disguised as an outsider at a serial-number exchange BBS and posted "I give you the serial if you give me your email-address", and spread out many of private information of those who sent email to him. Right before the incident, an another incident, so-called The WinGroove incident, had occurred, so that shareware developers was opposed to "warez" users. The developer of Yunasoft is actually legendary Ayashii World user, Mr Tanai, because of a lot of episodes.

:: Notes:
:: Wingroove, a software synthesizer, included a troy program by the developer. Once a users put "wrong" serial number (intentionally or not), the program changed IO.SYS shrewdly right before shutting down the OS, and after that it delete all HDD partition: as if dd "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd" on *nix system. This impact was so huge because the software was distributed by major online shareware portals.
:: Unlike Wingroove, Yunasoft had not got blamed by users so much. Perhaps because warez users knew the developer of Yunasoft, Mr Tanai, that he was also a well-known underground software developer, which means the warez users knew to take a risk more than Wingroove. Among underground users, they inscribed themselves a maxim "do whatever at your own risk".


: Mr Shiba officially announced leaving from Ayashii World and its end. He also announced on the public page that "You can freely run BBS using the name of Ayashii World". Some says that he just wanted to start completely new things; actually after the announce, he started a prototype of weblog for introducing sub-culture, called Magmania (マグマニア). Shiba-fundamentalist would think this is the end of the history of Ayashii World.


: After the announce by Mr Shiba, @an unofficial shelter purpose (@退避用非公認) also closed. Right after the closing, Ayashii World@Yuyu club (@悠遊倶楽部) started as a filler, but closed it so suddenly.


: Ayashii World@daytime part(昼の部, Hiru no Bu) started by Mr Denki Maker (電機メーカー). In the evening, he also started @night part (夜の部, Yoru no Bu).


: Networker research institute (ネットワーカー研究所, Net worker kenkyu jo) resumed by Mr nspixp2.


: Ayashii World@unemployed (@無職) started, by Mr ?. The background color was #333333 gray. It is esteemed as "Ultima Thule of Ayashii World", and it provided uploader and PO Box which later became as FAQ BBS.


: Former Ayashii World@Famille started by using a hacked account(?), by Mr Kuzuha. The account, however, was deleted so quickly and had to move on the next day. This detail was very vague. At same time, The first experience of Ayashii World (はじめてのあやしいわーるど, Hajimete no Ayashii World) and @O-Sa-Mu- changed (おーさーむー~改め) also started. Mr Kuzuha had kept the name of Ayashii World later and gain a reputation, but backing to this time, he was just a minor BBS administrator.

:: Note: As you can seen above, on 1998.07.12, The first experience of Ayashii World (はじめてのあやしいわーるど, Hajimete no Ayashii World) has been started, according to the original text as well. I don't know which is correct.


: Mr Shiba started a personal website, Magmania (マグマニア), irrelevant to Ayashii World. The website was about to introduce some news from magazines, and Mr Shiba commented on it. It was one of the earliest personal news website. At the BBS on the website, a lot of Ayashii World refugees posted comments, and Mr Shiba emphasized the website was not related to Ayashii World. In this moment, seemingly Mr Shiba got serious trouble with Mr Alice, and had to stop using the name of Ayashii World due to troubles by circumstantial evidence. Mr Alice claimed defamations and infringements to a computer magazine, Hacker Japan, which Mr Shiba posted some articles as a technical writer: [ Hacker Japan]. Later Mr Shiba apologized officially to Mr Alice by discussions on BBS and by Phone. Eventually Magmania closed by the demand from Mr Alice, and Mr Shiba disappeared from the Internet for a long time.


: Mr Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト) started a PO Box website, the ruins (廃墟, haikyo). Mr Dasine is from here.


: Mr Mummy Ishida (マミー石田) started a website, Why not high school graduates commit suicide? (高卒死ねば?): [ @マミー石田]. He made a term "Dokyun" (ドキュン, or DQN): [ DQN].

:: Note: He was the founder of abusing educational background, and at the time his abusing was so effective widely, especially for graduates of high school. Later even he targeted so called low-rank-university gradates too. DQN name, weird name, is derived from the term DQN: [ DQN name].


: Ayashii World@Joshiana (@じょしあな) started by Mr Urabe (うらべ). the BBS could post also pictures. The script was inherited by Team MIZUIRO, and had developed later.


: @annex (@別館, Bekkan) started, by Mr Mana. It was a prototype of @reproduction (@転載, Tensai).


: A fad of serial postings, cat killer (猫殺し), had started: [ Cat Killer (猫殺し)]. Later a crazy guy practiced it in reality; although this is not related to Neomugicha a.k.a. CatKiller (ネオ麦茶 a.k.a. キャットキラー), who made the Neomugicha incident: [ Neomugicha incident].


: An interview of Mr Shiba run in a book, attacking from cyberspace (サイバースペースからの攻撃), by Mr Ichiro Kawakami (河上イチロー). The Interviewers were Mr Ichiro Kawakami and Mr Tomoo Aki (安芸智夫). After published the book, Mr Ichiro Kawakami's BBS was attacked by Mr Alice.


: Mr Shiba requested not to use the name of Ayashii World. Right after he was leaving, he announced that the name could freely use, so that the reason was probably from a pressure by Mr Alice, by judging a lot of circumstantial evidences (although Mr Alice denied it). Therefore, Mr Alice's reputation has been very bad among Ayashii World users, especially old REBIRTH users, due to protect the name of Ayashii World; although it has been fading away by generational change, especially among new users. Unwillingly most of Ayashii World BBS had changed not to use its name "Ayashii World"; although @famille (@ふぁみーる) and @Nishigaoka (@西ヶ丘) had kept using the name, so that both of the BBS had struggled with a lot of pressures and been attacking by trolls.


: Mr Machino started a website, an observation diary of night part and daytime part (@夜の部・昼の部 観察日記). The account was deleted around 2004.10?


: Mr Denki Maker unwillingly removed "Ayashii World" from the name, and changed the color to #303c6d, and renamed Honten (本店): Honten@daytime part (本店@昼の部); Honten@night part (本店@夜の部); and @shelter (@退避) changed to @Shiten (@支店, branch). The public page said: the BBS password for administration have been shared with Mr Alice; the BBS broke with Ayashii World. Some users, therefore, thought this time was the end of Ayashii World.

:: Note: Honten means the main branch, but in order to get lid of confusing between former "main BBS" and "the main branch", I just put the Japanese name. Consequently, the name @Shiten, branch, is derived from @Hoten.


: Ayashii World REBIRTH (あやしいわーるどREBIRTH) started by Mr Shibahime Tsubasa a.k.a. Mana (芝姫つばさ a.k.a. まな). After the statement of Honten, Ayashii World users have/had been divided into 2 main streams: Honten, back ground color #303c6d (deep blue), and Rebirth, #004040 (deep green). Rebirth Users, who prefer the name of Ayashii World, who against the fact that Mr Alice knew the Hoten password, who did not like the atmosphere of Honten, had gathered and started to struggled with tons of trolling, DDoSing by spreading out using free BBS service like a guerrilla warfare. Its population was not so big comparing to Honten users, so that they advertised at Cult Bookmark, Amezo, and so on, in order to fill the gap of population between Rebirth and Honten. As a result, the population had increased more than Honten users although a lot of Chubo (厨房) came to Ayashii World community (At the time those Chubo named specifically Cul-Chu, abbreviation of Cult Bookmark-Chubo, the name was given by Mr Ikanatto). Moreover, the public page of REBIRTH put an anime image which was popular at the time, a lot of Otaku users came into the REBIRTH BBS who was treated coldly during Mr Shiba's era, and at Hoten. Nowadays Rebirth stream have discussed mainly Anime, Eroge, and Dojin stuff, its source can be traced back to this movement: [ Eroge].

:: Notes:
:: Chubo (厨房) literally means the kitchen, but it is same pronunciation of Chubo (中坊), Junior-high student. It means actually noob or troll for abusing purpose.
:: Unlike Rebirth stream, not so many users watched anime stuff at Hoten steam.


: Ayashii@Pikachiu (あやしい@ぴかちう) started by Mr dauso. It was deleted on 1999.03.18, so that Mr Osamu made Pikachu@Meiso (ぴかちゅう@メイソ) as a shelter. On 1999.05.27, the original Pikachiu came back on vertualave and had run until 2004.01. The beginning was even more popular than the 2 main streams. You can still read the log at the time: [ あやしい@ぴかちう].


: In stead of Oniku, which had been a representative uploader of Ayashii World, la-kai heritage (ぁ界遺産), a substitute uploader, started by Mr Wi ().

:: Note: la-kai (ぁ界), is difficult to translate. "la" is a representative icon of Ayashii, and kai means world, so that actually in English it is same as Ayashii-World. So I just leave it as Japanese pronunciation.


: The first experience of Ayashii World@famille (はじめてのあやしいわーるど@?ふぁみーる, Hajimete no Ayashii World@fami-ru) moved and restarted. Next day, Ayashii World@famille (あやしいわーるど@ふぁみーる), later it became also mainstream, started silently.


: Mr ? moved his website, Ayashii World@unemployed, and changed URL to, and removed the name of Ayashii World, so that he restarted as @unemplyed (@無職). Later he added a PO Box on 1999.03.23, and a fed of posting, a group for eating a fairy in a forest (森の妖精を喰らう会), had began. The fed influenced to Ascii Art artisans widely, and it was the origin of Ascii Art peculiar to "Ayashii taste". Before the fed, mostly Ascii Art were only huge figures, and the huge Ascii Art developed differently among 2ch users via Amezo.

:: Note: The essence of "Ayashii Teste" is to deform real things into comical/humorous figures. Whereas huge Ascii Art express, or I would say even translate, these things like huge 2ch users' Ascii Art.


: Mr Kumozaru started "Strange Times" to post a series of situation analysis, so-called suto-tai (ストタイ).


: Ayashii@Sune chama (あやしい@スネちゃま), which is based on using an Ascii Art by Mr Sunewo, started by Mr Log Merchant (ログ商人). Later the BBS script had been developed by Nazo@Hiroshima Taro(なぞ@広島太郎).

:: Note: Hiroshima Taro's BBS script was very unique; the script provides some pictures, or even can upload, and put texts on it, as if Futaba users have done nowadays (although Futaba users put texts IN pictures).


: Ayashii World@science course (@理系, Rieki) started. It seems it had existed for a long time, but the author can not find out the end of the date.


: The background color of Ayashii World REBIRTH changed to the color of The first experience of Ayashii World, #007f7f.


: The background color of Ayashii World REBIRTH changed to so-called crazy green, #99ff99. The users strongly repelled the color, and soon after the administrator moved back to #007f7f. The Mr Utada Raper made a website Ayashii World@Lu Bu (あやしいわーるど@呂布, Ayashii World@Ryofu) because of "rebel" as a joke.


: Ayashii Scape (ぁゃιぃスケープ) stopped to summarize logs. The author felt like the generation would had been changed.


: The website, a open place for voting (公開投票所) changed the name as Jidou Enquete Sakusei (自動アンケート作成) so-called Jian (自アン).


: The administrator of Ayashii World REBIRTH tuned into being tyrant like: changed its script without users' intention; changed background image color; and moreover declared "Please write only Ayashii taste". Due to his self-righteous attitude and ignoring users' attention, users who repelled moved to a BBS Ayashii World@Famille (@ふぁみーる), which was run by Mr Kuzuha. According to unreliable source, the account holder would be female, and the name, Kuzuha, sounds androgynous, and his/her posts were soft and friendly. These images of the administrator affected users that users had done "moe" to the administrator, and even doing massive "moe" right before finishing "tel-houdai" (テレホーダイ), so-called "moe-houdai". A fad called moe-houdai has started since then. A lot of meaningless 1 sentence had increased during this confusion, then it had disappeared that underground taste peculiar to Ayashii world.

:: Notes:
:: Even though its origin of moe is not from Sailor Moon, the explanation would help you to understand: [ Moe]. In the English explanation from wikipedia says that Dr. Tamaki Saito explained in his book that Sailor Moon was the first appearance of Moe character, but The Otaking Toshio Okada said the first appearance would be a heroine in a part of TV program, Tensai TV-kun, and Moe from Planet of Dinosaur (恐竜惑星, Kyoryu Wakusei). Although Ryuichi Kaneko, one of main producer of Planet of Dinasaur, Science Fiction writer, said the concept of Moe has been already existed before he released the TV series, but he did not mentioned any specific source, so that actually nobody could trace back the origin of Moe. :[ Toshio Okada], [ Tamaki Saito], [ 恐竜惑星], [ 金子隆一]
:: Tel-houdai is an option service of dialing by NTT which is still available since 1995. You can call 2 reserved dial numbers as much as you want from 23:00 to 08:00 next morning. A lot of people used to use this service in order to connect to the Internet freely. And this service assisted using the Internet before ISDN or ADSL come up. [ Tel-houdai]


: Mr Log Marchant wrote a script for preserving logs, getlog.cgi, so that getting logs have been much easier since then.


: Ayashii World REBIRTH closed. Right before closing the BBS, the name changed as @Haruna (@はるな). Mr Mana had kept rewriting BBS script with try-and-error, later the script finally saw the light of day at the BBS, @REQUIEM. Even though the REBIRTH committed important role in Ayashii World, the BBS came to a miserable end.


: Mr Haruna Moe (春菜萌え) and others started Ayashii World@Pesona Project (@ペルソナプロジェクト). The goal of project was to read the logs via the software, Personaware: [ Chararina]. Later they moved a base to a server which is run by Mr Machi no Yousei (町の妖精).

:: Note: Personaware later made a problem with users, and users made an alternative program, called Ukagaka. You can read the alternative one's description though its origin is Personaware, later changed the name as Chararina in 2000.10. [ Ukagaka].


: Mr Utada Raper started summarizing logs, called Ayashii Browser (ぁゃιぃブラウザ).


: A thread type BBS called Ayashii World REMIX started, by Mr Mana. From the beginning it was not so much population, but later users had understood an advantage and had became popular. A lot of Ayashii projects had begun. In 1999.09.27, the BBS move from famille to njs, and then to ARENA on 1999.12.21. In 2000.11.02, the ARENA server had a trouble and the BBS moved to acc. It had been DMZ of Ayashii World until moved to @Christmas Island (@クリスマス島) on 2001.03.31.

:: Note: A thread type BBS started earlier than 2ch.


: "Ms Ochinchin Keiko" (おちんちん恵子), a fake character, came out. The name impacted on users, and users attributed personality to her. Users posted a lot as she did and it changed her character. A lot of people drew her figure, and it turned a start of a fed of Ayashii drawing.

:: Note: おちんちん means a penis, and Keiko is a typical Japanese female name. The sound of combining those two is really weird, like Penisjanette, Penis-Janette, or something like that.


: a representative specific board, @Fashion (@ふぁっしょん), started by Mr Kumozaru (くもざる). In 1999.12., he moved the BBS to hypermart and changed its color as #004040 and renamed as Ayashii World@Fashion (あやしいわーるど@ふぁっしょん).


: Mr Sunewo (スネヲ) started his personal BBS, called Jidai ha Dodoitsu@Agonashi Unsou (ドドイツ@アゴナシ運送).


: A software introduction website, Ura News, started. The administrator Mr Yoshino (吉野) appeared on @Mirai (@みらい) later.


: One of Amezo users, Mr Hiroyuki (ひろゆき), started 2 channel (2ちゃんねる).


: Mr Log Marchant (ログ商人) put a BBS called Nazo BBS Ж (なぞ掲示板Ж). After that, He had managed the BBS. Original purpose of putting Nazo BBS was a quarantine for trolls and obnoxious users, but he changed the purpose from quarantine to a guinea pigs' place of CGI testing/experimenting. His achievement was so important for Ayashii World users; adding new value for the BBS. The significance of Nazo BBS had been being avant-garde chaos which made by crazy people's sensitivity who beyond average people.


: A claimer, Mr Akky, started a website , About an Toshiba's After Service (東芝のアフターサービスについて).

:: Note: A term, claimer, is not exactly a complaint because a claimer in Japan complains and wastes so much time and tried to get "offer" from companies. Basically it is just to complain, but often intimating or even almost threatening: [ Complaints], [ The Toshiba Claimer Incident].


: An Ayashii World portal website, Long Walk, by Mr Major (少佐), was deleted. After being deleted, Mr Majiresu kun alpha (マジレス君α) had started the website of 2nd generation until Early 2003. Since 2003.01.16 Mr Toumin (盗民) inherited its source and has run the website.


: Ayashii Walker started. Niyalink (ニヤリンク) which influenced to Ayashii Walker closed on 1999.09.29.

:: Note: The original text of this English translation is written by the administrator of Ayashii Walker. Thanks to Ayashii Walker, I still can trace back exact moments of history of Ayashii World, and translate it in English in 2012.


: An influential tasteless underground BBS, A door to a sewer (下水道入口) closed. Mr Gesu Nuts (下衆ナッツ) is from there.

:: Note: The pronunciation of 下衆ナッツ is several, and meaning would be double-meaning: Gesu (下衆) would be derived from Gesuido (下水道), and it would be also Cashew (カシュー, Kashu), thats why Nuts right after it. I don't know his pronunciation unfortunately.


: Swatty Link Walk started (now it is called Swalink) by Mr Swatty: [ Swalink].


: Mr Kuzuha closed the BBS, Ayashii World@Famille due to trolling; trolls posted tons of warez URL which would cause serious problems, and Mr Kuzuha changed the BBS's URL in order to disguise the trolls. Mr Kuzuha could not solve the problem and he decided to close the BBS then. The Kuzuha script, one of the best well-known piling type script, has been developed by a lot of users, and still being de facto standard script among Ayashii World. At the time, amount of average logs were 2 MB per day, and the author would say it thrived and being matured its culture.


: Ayashii World@REQUIEM started at the vacant of REBIRTH by Mr Mana (まな). Soon After it had been being de fact standard main BBS. On the same day, @Kinsan (@きんさん) started by Mr Miki (みき), @KCOM started by Mr AGStar. Later a lot of doves-users who don't like conflicts @Kinsan and thrived a culture of Mattari: [ ー`)]. And @KCOM had been warez URL BBS for awhile, and then closed by founding a new BBS, @ARENA.


: Ayashii World@ARENA (later changed to @II) started by Mr AGSter. Nowadays Arena is one of main servers to run Ayashii World script, but at the time it was the first experience to use the server. The server provided comfortable and hi-speed connection, so that a lot of users had moved from @REQUIEM which was under attacked by DDoSing by trolls, and @ARENA became the main BBS. Mr AGSter attacked Mr Alice excessively (i.e. He replied "ex-convict" to all of Mr Alice's posts), which made some arguments toward him by some users. Mainly Rebirth stream users were anti-Alice side, so that it was not a real problem. However, it seems his attitude that he attacked obnoxious users excessively was already got glimpsed.


: Mr Mana closed the BBS, @REQUIEM due to heavy loaded.


: Nazo BBS@Taiyaki (なぞ掲示板@たいやき) started by Mr Manabe a.k.a. Shin (まなべ a.k.a. Shin) from Team MIZUIRO.


: Ayashii World@Yunasoft (@ゆなそふと) started at a free server, by Mr Honokama a.k.a. Tanai (ほのかま a.k.a. Tanai). On 2000.01.03, he closed the BBS, but later he started the BBS again and frequently changed its name, then eventually the BBS was located on an Arena server. Mr Shiba who had disappeared for a long time showed his face on the BBS, so that the BBS was in the limelight. Moreover, He was the originator of term, Gikohanya-n (ギコハニャーン).


: Ayashii World@ARENA changed the name as Ayashii World II(so-called ai-ai).


: Ayashii World@Extra (@エクストラ) started by Mr Swatty.


: Ayashii World@AMG started by Mr Mana. Then, 3 BBS aimed to be main individually. Therefore users were separated among 3 BBS, and being panicked.


: The primally main BBS, Ayashii World@AMG stopped due to finish the term of contract, then Ayashii World II became main.


: In order to fix the panic by divided 3 main BBS, @Extra closed the BBS.


: A law about to forbid fraud accessing, so-called the prevent hacker law (不正アクセス行為の禁止等に関する法律, 不正アクセス防止法案), enforced: [ 不正アクセス行為の禁止等に関する法律]. After enforcing the law, most of underground BBS had been closed, and a day dream of underground on the Internet had been dismissed.

:: Note: The first victim of the law was handle name Sekuhara Inchou (セクハラ院長, Sexual harassment Director) who hang out at Tonpu-Sou, an online mahjong game portal. He released a software for assisting the game including Trojan virus. [ 東風荘]. His real name was appeared at online news portal widely: [ the news].


: Ayashii World@Extra restarted. At the time, Ayashii World II was already being stable, so that users argued @Extra that it would cause dividing 2 streams as before. Around this time, Mr AGSter and Mr Swatty had conflicted: Swatty deleted URL to Ayashii World II at his web portal Swalink; AGSter sent users to env by judging an referrer from Swatty.

:: Note: An env page is about to show users' computer identification, IP address, etc. Now it is common to use those information by google analytics or something like that, but at the time among Japanese users, especially underground users, were seriously afraid of showing this type of information. Users tried to be anonymous as much as they can: using proxy from foreign countries, disguising browser information etc. At the time, most of users have only 1 computer and even did not use router, which means the IP address was directly connected to users computer, and would be hacked very easily "thanks to" windows 98 security holes.


: Ayashii World at Lu Bu (あやしいわーるど@呂布, Ayashii World@Ryofu, or Ryonuno) relocated by Mr Utada Raper (宇多田レイパー). As if mocking fruitless effort of getting main title, people said "Lu Bu is the main BBS".


: Team MIZUIRO released BBS which also functioning putting image uploader, called BBS Script@Joshiana (スクリプト@じょしあな)

:: Note: Joshiana means probably female news caster.


: Ayashii World@Tensai (@転載) started as private BBS for @Maiso (@メイソ) users by Mr Tsuka kun (通過君).


: Mr Dismantlist (スクラップ屋) started a website, Smithsonian Museum (すみそにあん博物館), to summarize the logs.


: Ayashii World II faced a server problem and shrunk connections, so that it cause making a lot of refugees. Soon after a BBS, Shelter purpose for the present (とりあえずの退避用), on Arena server started. Then the BBS changed the name as Ayashii World @Wakana (あやしいわーるど@わかな). (After changed the name as the Christmas island). From the beginning of its purpose was being a shelter, but some fundamentalists, who hate Anime Otaku, argued other Anime Otaku users and tried to exclude them. Ayashii World II recovered from the paralyzing rather faster, so that @Wakana lost a chance to be the primary BBS. However, some users who don't like AGSter by his tyrant attitude stayed @Wakana. These users were rather old members and had creative talents, so the BBS was being the reverse side of the primary BBS. Later, Mr AGStar redirected trolls to @Wakana, then @Wakana antagonized against Ayashii World II. Moreover, An Ayashii World portal, SwattyLinkWalk, and its successor LONG WALK, both pointed out that the primary BBS was @the Christmas Island, run by the chief (酋長, syuchou) a.k.a. Hoeko (ほえこ).


: Ayashii World@Kinsan (@きんさん) closed. Mr ver.0.1 succeeded the BBS called Mattari World (まったりわーるど). On 2000.12.24, the present administrator succeeded the BBS. The ultimate Mattari BBS, Banquet of dandelion (たんぽぽの宴), had succeeded on 2000.10.10. On 2001.11.17, Ayashii World@Extra revived on the same server, so that it seems that the administrator was Mr Swatty. the BBS has run in earnest since 2005.03.13.

:: Note: Mattari means relaxing.


: Mr Mana proposed an idea, an united standard design of Ayashii World (あやしいわーるど統一規格構想).


: Mr Denki Maker closed the BBS Hoten. The reason why he closed was to do one of his hobby seriously and users guessed widely, but he mentioned on the public page that he denied the reason of rumors, such as Bottle-ship and Gunjin Shogi, hahaha.

:: Note: Gunjin Shogi is a board game similar to Shogi: [ Gunjin Shogi], [ Shogi].


: Mr Pororo (ぽろろ) succeeded Hoten by Mr Denki Maker with its scripts.


: The united standard design of Ayashii World had failed immediately because only @Extra agreed on.


: A master piece of serial novel of Ayashii World history, called AGSter's Ambition (AGStarの野望). The idea was taken by gs's Ambition (gsの野望).

:: Note: The name was probably taken by Nobunaga's Ambition: [ Nobunaga's Ambition].


: Amezou BBS stopped substantially, then revived, but soon after stopped again. Some similar inheritor BBS were born and accommodated refugees, but the refugees were dismissed completely and some well-known Handle Name users moved. Therefore, 2ch had been rising its population rapidly, and some users moved to 2ch. Later Mr Amezou banded Mr Kazuhiko Nishi who was founder of ASCII Corporation against 2ch by founding Amezou style BBS called [ Kazuhiko Nishi], [ ASCII]. However, users did not back the BBS because moral standards of posting was strict, and the BBS would charge small fee in future. After the dismissal, Exiled amezou users hang out around Ayashii World.

:: Notes:
:: The reasons why Amezo closed were several: Hiroyuki, the founder of 2ch, admitted that he persistently trolled Amezo in order to be a prior of thread type BBS; the other was, actually just a rumor though, that some "underground" groups in real world, like Yakuza or related to them, threatened the administrator of Amezo.
:: At the time, a concept of charging fee, or giving small amount money to the others, was very difficult. Although some website have similar system that user can give points which can be exchanged to real money nowadays, so that recently I would say it is rather common to pay small amount of money unlike used to be: for example, Hatena (はてな), Yahoo Chebukuro (知恵袋), OKWeb, etc.


: Ayashii World@Manzi Curry (@卍カレー) by Mr Infohands was put in Der Angriff by Mr Kawakami. Likewise, Ayashii World@Battle Watcher % Solomon(@バトルウォッチャー%ソロモン) was put on 2000.09.10. Mr Infohands was one of a successor of Amezou administrators, even later his role was to make crossovers between Ayashii OB and Amezou refugees.


: A plan about occupation in one of the street on Geocities by only Ayashii World users(あやしいストリート, Ayashii Street) started @Wakana. Later each Ayashii BBS had own streets, but most of Ayashii World users got bored so easily, and being the ruins except the Mirai street(みらいストリート).

:: Note: Ayashii World users have been so easily getting bored for everything what they do... sigh...


: A law about to forbid pedophiliac and lolita porn, and prostition, so-called the anti child prostitute law (児童買春、児童ポルノの処罰に関する法律), enforced: [ 児童買春、児童ポルノの処罰に関する法律].


: Mr Mana started REFLEX in order to tees his script similar to PO BOX. In stead of using Remix due to a lot of users made noise, AGStar's Ambition serialized at REFLEX. Later the REFLEX closed on 2000.05.02 because of lacking of money.


: a CGI game called Hakoniwa islands (箱庭諸島) had been popular. Later Ayashii islands, which is same CGI game script but for Ayashii World users, started by AshotouKanrinin (ぁ諸島管理人): [箱庭諸島 箱庭諸島].


: Representative private BBS, Ayashii World @HoshinoRuri (@ほしのるり), changed its policy from being totally private BBS to public BBS. Until then, the BBS spread out pedophilia movies using password called Masopass(マソパス) on geocities. On 2000.12.09 the BBS changed the location to hypermart, then on 2004.02.25 renamed as Pink pair of boots which remained at the scene (現場に残されたピンクのながぐつ) and moved to XREA. The BBS had conflicted with Mr AGStar too. Administrators are Mr Syoujo Maso (少女マソ) and Mr Counsil (参謀, Sanbou).


: Ayashii World@NetPro (@ネットプロ) started by Mr Utada Raper. At the beginning the BBS was managed with Mr Mana by responding of an united standard design of Ayashii World. Later the BBS renamed as @Millennium (@ミレニアム), and @Pyongyang (@平壌).


: One of the Net-idol, Ms. Haruko Momoi appeared on Ayashii World@Wakana. In oder to probe she was genuine herself, she said "Gikohahaha", "Gikohanyaan" on her radio.[ Haruko Momoi]


: Tactics chat trolling incident by Ayashii World II users. By second-guess, the incident was a kind of advertising to Eroge-makers' chat, so that a lot of otaku people moved to Ayashii World II. In a sense this incident would guided a direction of Reverse stream.


: Ayashii World @Wakana got an domain name and renamed as @the Chrsitmans island, and later the BBS made a group by absorbing Remix.


: a web partal for Hoten stream, PUSH DOWNSTAIRS, started by Mr laxative.


: A log reading website for Honten@night part, called Night Part Digest (夜の部Digest), started.


: Ayashii World 2000 started by Ashokan (ぁ諸管) a.k.a. AshotouKanrinin (ぁ諸島管理人).